Brilliant Brainstorm Training

Brilliant Brainstorm (facilitation) training

Develop your skills as a facilitator and leader of the creative process - NEW ONLINE COURSE DURING COVID

Great facilitators are the orchestra conductors of team creativity. They are able to support and enable the group to achieve creative results through enabling the optimum environment. They can foster trust and openness, involve everyone, adapt to different styles and make it fun and ok to take risks. This matters as much, if not more, if you recurrently trying to facilitate creative ideas remotely during Covid.

At a Glance

What is it?
Learn and practice facilitation skills to unleash creativity in others
Who's it for?
Intelligent, diplomatic members of the team who would enjoy/benefit from becoming a creative lynchpin for the group
How long?
90 minutes - currently online, usually face to face full day
Summer 2021 ONLINE
How much?
£75 + VAT
A screen near you
"Thank you for the facilitation workshop last week! It was so interesting and you really helped me step outside my comfort zone. It definitely made me think about how to keep up energy levels when doing a brainstorm and sticking to a structure like GROW to help the session flow. It was so useful to have done the Creative Ninja course before but was also good to try a new brainstorming technique, and will definitely be using the Trend Canvas again. I’m excited for our next brainstorm as a team and will definitely be putting forward some creative techniques to get our creative juices flowing!"
Natasha Lawless, Aduro Communications

What You Will Learn

Sometimes people disagree or get a little hot under the collar; great creativity facilitators know just how to manage the balance between heated debate that leads to fresh thinking and avoiding all-out war. Of course group brainstorms are not always the way to get to a fresh answer to your issue. But at some point you will probably want to get people together and discuss ideas. Well run brainstorms using varied tools and techniques can be a helpful way to gather a diverse range of opinions and ideas. Poorly run and without brainstorm training though, you might as well not bother.

“Loved every minute of it!” Alice Ter Haar, Deliveroo

For the time-being with Covid 19 we are offering this as an online webinar with ideas and tips how to apply the principles of facilitation to remote-working, Zooming and online brainstorms.

This is a highly practical day face-to-face, with lots of facilitation practice! So for Covid 19 we are looking at the essentials of facilitation that apply whether you’re working face to face or online. In fact arguably the skills are even more important when looking at a screen split up into 2cm squares!

It’s essential you have some knowledge of creativity tools to get the most from this session and we recommend you take the Creative Ninjas course first. We run this day in-house and as an open training alongside Creative Ninjas for the full monty in terms of creativity tools and facilitation practice and skills.

Do your group brainstorms fall flat? Do you work in a team where you have to regularly run creative sessions? Joins us as an individual – we hope to run this face to face again in October 2021 .

Call Lucy on 020 3146 5586 or email to book your place or arrange this course in-house.

  • To understand the role and key skills of the facilitator
  • Understanding different styles, challenges & phases in a group
  • How to structure a session
  • How to keep momentum
  • How to deal with difficult and unengaged people
  • Learn and practice the key skills of facilitation

Face to face course – highly interactive and experiential brainstorm training session where you will learn the art of facilitating through the following methods. Learning by:

  • Experiencing
  • Doing
  • Feedback (giving and receiving)
  • Reading (after the workshop you will have a meaty resource book to digest at your leisure)

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