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Hands down, our most popular course for creativity for business with over 20,000 people trained in different creativity process and tools!

This highly rated course will share practical creativity processes and tools with immediate application to business, that will improve your group collaboration and brainstorm skills beyond measure. With an emphasis on tools and fast results, we enable people to consistently think more creatively, whether they have 10 minutes, an hour, a day or a week. These creative ideas will help you fuel innovation in your company.

We offer both foundation level and advanced levels of this creativity training workshop. We also offer blended learning options with pre-work and post-course webinars. Please ask about these when you speak to us!

At a Glance

Who's It For?
Anyone who wants to improve their creative thinking skills and develop a toolkit of ways to explore problems.
How Long For?
Half or full day with e-learning options
Future-proof your business
Creative thinking, problem-solving & critical thinking are the top 3 skills for business
By The End
Learn and practice creative tools and 'I need an idea right now”, to ways to crack a creative challenge in an hour, 48 hours, a week or more.
Public workshop dates ONLINE
June & July dates 2020 - please enquire
Thank you, it was awesome! Applied creativity for business tools, not theoretical, a real toolkit, opportunity and fun to practice. 10/10!
Lee Rand, Owner, Research Agency RAND

What You Will Learn

“But I’m just not very creative. Can you really help me to be more creative?”

Emphatically yes. The world is not divided into the creative haves and have-nots! We guarantee you will learn new ways to be creative whatever the challenge.

Time is often cited as a key barrier to creativity. Our Creative Ninjas leave knowing how to generate ideas quickly – and you’ll learn at least 10 killer ways to get creative juices flowing quickly.

Working on your own challenges in this creativity training, you’ll leave with a raft of ideas.

If you work in a small team or are stuck in a rut we will help you generate fresh approaches to familiar problems.

Upskilling in problem-solving, creative thinking and critical thinking is our key area of expertise. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report says that:

“Creativity will become one of the top three skills workers will need in the future. With the avalanche of new products, new technologies and new ways of working, workers are going to have to become more creative in order to benefit from these changes.”

We have a range of faculty who teach this course, all of us from backgrounds which required massive doses of creativity in business! Anahita Milligan is a former head of strategy at media buying agency Manning Gotlieb OMD, and she brings her nouse for insight, strategy and planning to her training. Matthew Burgess is a former Head of Innovation at the Discovery Channel and so has understanding first-hand of the need to fuel creative ideas and turn them into actionable innovations.

  • Key insights on creativity – your brain, a user’s guide & an introduction to the neuroscience of creativity.
  • Explore how your brain works, barriers and approaches to creativity.
  • How to interrogate the problem with tools to generate, nurture & evaluate ideas.
  • What’s a big idea? How to discuss the merits of a creative idea.
  • How to structure a brainstorm with facilitation tips, warm ups & structure.
  • Different ways to tackle creative problems with tools.
  • The workshop is highly practical, with a 30-page handout and pre and post resources
  • We offer templates and resources for use after the workshop
  • This is not a pure desk-based training – we encourage going outside on a sunny day, taking a photographic safari or visiting nearby cultural events where possible

“We are passionate about sharing our know-how and practical creativity tools for direct application back to business challenges. We know that any theory must be able to be immediately actioned back at the ranch. We love what we do, and aim to do it with a light touch – designing our courses with fun, immersive and interactive exercises, built for introverts and extraverts alike.” Claire Bridges

Now Go Create founder Claire is a former WPP MD, and then Creative Director, who took a deep dive into the subject following her promotion from running teams to being responsible for creative output across a 100-strong business.

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