Zoom in on your creativity – a new course during Covid

Zoom in on your creativity – a new course during Covid

Just like the rest of the world we’re having to rethink our creative practice in the face of Covid, whilst face-to-face courses are not possible.

Something we’re quickly realizing is that a poorly run brainstorm online is just as bad, if not worse than offline.

Facilitation is woefully under-invested in skill, however it’s fundamental to encouraging creativity in others. And it’s arguably even more important to try and herd the cats as the phrase goes if you are trying to inspire and facilitate 20 people in 2cm squares!

Great facilitators are the orchestra conductors of team creativity. They are able to support and enable the group to achieve creative results through enabling the optimum environment. They can foster trust and openness, involve everyone, adapt to different styles and make it fun and ok to take risks.

This matters as much, if not more, if you recurrently trying to facilitate creative ideas remotely during Covid.

Whatever we decide to call this new way of working (Zoomstorming?), facilitating ideas online is very much the close cousin of a well-run face-to-face workshop or brainstorm.

  • If you just expect people to turn up with ideas when they get online, you might as well not bother (exactly the same as an in-person meeting).
  • Without prep, planning and guidance the extraverts will speak, the introverts will stay quiet (and have all their best ideas once the call’s finished).
  • The idea generation and the evaluation will be happening all at once (the best way to kill ideas) and there’s no time for digesting ideas or incubating them.

So, we’re taking all the principles of great facilitation that we practice offline and looking at how you can apply them online – whether you’re Zooming, sprinting, brainstorming, whatever you want to call it.

In this new online facilitation skills webinar we’re going to look at our favourite structures and tools for generating, exploring and developing ideas online as well as how to get consensus when you can’t read body language clearly, or have the necessarily the same kind of debate and discussion as in person.

What is it? 75-minute webinar with remote-working tools for creativity with Q&A

What will I learn?

  • Focus on key facilitation skills & the role of the facilitator
  • A simple 4-step model to facilitate any workshop in 5 minutes
  • Our favourite remote-working warm-ups & why they matter
  • Tools to generate ideas remotely (they work in-person too)
  • Apps & tech that can help

Our next date is 19th June @ 10:30 – please join us! Book via eventbrite 

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