Where do ideas come from mummy?

Where do ideas come from mummy?

As John Cleese famously said:

“We don’t know where ideas come from but we do know they don’t come from our laptops.”

Japan’s famous bullet train used to make a loud boom when it travelled through tunnels. But thanks to a spot of bird-watching, an engineer was able to fix the problem after he was inspired by a kingfisher.

There’s even a name for taking ideas from nature – it’s called biomimicry and there are hundreds of examples of how our lives have been improved by observation of nature.

How about how a woodpecker’s head has inspired shock absorbers and better helmets?

Or how the study of mussels inspired a new glue?

The BBC World Service has made a series on this fascinating subject called 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter and it’s well worth a look!

Next time you have a creative challenge consider where else in the world – in nature – or somewhere ele your challenge may have been tackled and solved. Religion, politics, sport and nature are all sources of inspiration and ideas.

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