What happens on our Creative Ninjas open creativity training? Good stuff!

What happens on our Creative Ninjas open creativity training? Good stuff!

“Most of the tools and processes were not only well explained but easily implementable and you can see how they can add value back in the office. Claire is brilliant!” Steve Latham, Head of Learning and Development, Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

As you may know from visiting the site, Now Go Create runs many creativity training sessions throughout the year – more often than not they’re done in conjunction with a specific company who wants to give a large swathe of their team a dash of creative magic en masse.

But we also run open creativity training sessions, where anyone can come. At these events, companies typically send just one or two delegates, while smaller, one-man operations might just send themselves (an easy sell to the boss!)  As a result, they’re always an interesting mix of people at different stages of their career and usually spanning multiple industries.

It is these events that arguably most pique people’s curiosity when we tell them that we work in creativity training. You can almost see their eyes light up, as if thinking, “If I throw a sickie and come to one of your sessions, I could return to work a creative powerhouse and no one would know why!” Actually, more likely, they’re probably wondering how they could wangle it on the company cheque-book. And many do: creativity is seen as such a vital part of business life these days that it’s often pretty easy to convince the boss to send you along.

There were 18 delegates at one of our recent How to be a creative ninja sessions, Heads Of Content, Account Managers, a Managing Director – all sorts. Not unusually, they wanted to get different things from the day. Some wanted to apply creative thinking to internal comms, others were from more traditionally creative backgrounds like graphic design and wanted answers to a very common question that I hear: “When I’m asked to do the same thing over and over again at work, how can I stay creative and tap into some new ways of thinking?”

What they all shared was an interest in creativity and a goal of using it more in their lives. They also wanted to be able to “switch on” their creativity more easily and in many cases, they wanted to be able to share what they’d learned with others.

There’s a lot of working in pairs or small groups and it’s very conversational – I’m not one for standing up in front of a whiteboard droning on all day. It’s very practical, and people come with exactly the right attitude of “let’s get stuck in.”

We looked at how the brain frequently builds obstacles that stand in the way of innovation; we looked at a bunch of tools that will help people get from brief to brainstorm; we talked about how we can generate, nurture and evaluate ideas and a whole lot more.

The next one we’ll be doing is in July. If you’d like to be on it, drop us a line

Creativity training reviews: “Creative Ninjas was full of so many great tips and tricks – the biggest challenge will be choosing which ones to use!” Helen Rainford, Senior Associate Director, Good Relations

“Inspiring facilitator – relaxed, confident and free.” Maria Jones – Senior Product Development Manager, Savencia Fromage & Dairy UK Ltd

“Hopefully it has made me better at bringing out the brilliance of others” Alison Bowen, Operations Management Department, McCormick

“I really liked the confidence boost I got and feeling able to apply techniques to my everyday life. Very useful.” Chris Goodman

Loved the exercises – it was so good to not just sit and read along.” Hannah Vernon, Creative Producer, A+E Networks UK

“Brilliant to take time away from the office and reflect on how to really push creativity.” Helen Sharpe, Account Manager, Red Kite PR

Contact us to book your place on the next open course in July or contact lucy@nowgocreate.co.uk to find out more.

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