“We got a firehose of tools, techniques and training, with a strong emphasis on equipping us for creative action.”

“We got a firehose of tools, techniques and training, with a strong emphasis on equipping us for creative action.”

I’m writing this pretty exhausted but very happy, after running our two-day full creative monty open training course – creativity tools and techniques on day 1 and putting them into practice with facilitation on day 2. As usual our open course was full of interesting people from a wide range of backgrounds and industries which makes it a great breeding ground for ideas and collaboration. It’s really motivating to see the tools we share with people working across a raft of wildly different problems and providing a framework for their thinking. One of our attendees this time was Matthew Burgess who describes himself as an ‘itinerant innovation and creativity consultant’ who has spent much of his career in TV. Matthew has innovation and creativity running through his veins so it was a joy to receive his glowing reflections below on his experience of the course.
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“After two jam-packed days with the effervescent creative minds at Now Go Create, what jumped out at me was that over and above training, they deliver creative empowerment. I attended two of their courses, which ran consecutively: “How to be a Creative Ninja” and “Brilliant Brainstorm Facilitation”. These aren’t the type of courses where a few ideas are stretched thinly across the day. Instead, we got a firehose of tools, techniques and training, with a strong emphasis on equipping us for creative action in our work lives. Creativity is the lifeblood of 21st century business and it felt like they were on a mission was to get all our hearts pumping.
Claire and Anahita kept the energy flowing throughout both days, bouncing ideas and suggestions between them and building an experiential and playful atmosphere of learning and practice.They have a formidable array of research, experience and expertise to draw on and an enthusiasts desire to dig into the workings of creativity – the art and the science – and to share their findings. I particularly appreciated their generosity. They were not only generous with their expertise, but also with their methods, going out of their way to share their resources and their own ways of working. I felt it was their mission to send us out at the end of each day as fully equipped as possible.
The Brainstorm Facilitation course dovetailed well with Creative Ninja, with the kit of creative tools we’d been learning providing fertile ground for developing our own facilitation styles. Half the day was devoted to practicing what we’d learned by creating sessions based around our own real-world challenges. Claire & Ana encouraged an atmosphere of experimentation and improvisation and the three practice sessions that I sat in on in the afternoon that were more imaginative, human and engaging than many of the expertly-facilitated events I had attended in my corporate life. I was inspired to take my own session to new places too. I hadn’t expected this. I came away with eyes opened to the potential of facilitation as a creative process in the moment, and again the feeling that NGC couldn’t possibly have squeezed any more knowledge into one day.
I’d recommend scheduling reflection sessions to unpack, practice and play with the tools and insights. There’s a lot there. I felt that the Now Go Create ethos was not just about supplying food, but teaching us how to grow, prepare and cook. That they were giving from a position of abundance, with the hope that we too would go on to unlock and inspire creative work in others. Thanks Claire & Anahita for opening the floodgates.”
Thanks Matthew for your energy and enthusiasm! We love what we do and we aim to make the workshops as fun as possible too – yes it’s a cliche but it does sometimes involve Lego… yesterday we made Lego robots with superpowers. To ‘think with our hands’, think on our feet, and y’know, have fun.

We also love cake. The fab folk at Drink, Shop & Do rose to strongly to meet that challenge.

Knowing that people can take what we share and enjoy what we do makes it worth getting out of bed for! We’ll be running our open courses again in February and June 2019 along with a raft of new public programmes so keep your eyes peeled or sign up for our newsletter to get the details straight to your inbox. We hope to see you at one of our events soon!

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