All I want for Christmas…stocking fillers for creative types

Updated today, 17th Dec 2018!

If you thought buying for your sister or “just get me something nice” Dad was difficult, you’ve clearly never had to buy a gift for a creative type. With their fingers in a thousand different pies, it can seem impossible to find something new or original that they don’t yet own – so in lieu of another slightly pointless iPad accessory, here are some of our fave gifts for creative types that should hopefully hit the spot.

 1. A Technique for Producing Ideas by James Webb Young

At just a couple of quid (£2.95, in fact, at, this iconic book is just the ticket for newcomers to creative thinking – or even the odd seasoned creative who wants a pleasantly simple reminder of what ideas are all about. Written more than 50 years ago by an adman, the book lists the five basic principles of ideas creation and is so short it can be read – and hopefully remembered – in barely an hour. Essential! See another amazing book recommendation below…(hint, it’s mine)

 2. Wake up the ‘social loafers’ in your next group brainstorm


This one is on my list – the remote control flying shark and nemo fish balloon thing. Hours of fun for £12.99.



3. Artefact cards 

Artefact Cards are a brilliant tool for anyone who works with ideas. They help you craft better ideas, create new idea combinations by moving, shuffling, stacking, dealing and matching them, and then pack and unpack your project again wherever you happen to be.

 4. 642 Things To Write About

Part cure for writers block, part creativity brain-trainer, this clever book was dreamed up by a writers’ guild in San Francisco and has won rave reviews for the cunning way in which it gets the creative juices flowing. With entries like “tell a dying houseplant why it should live” and, even more bizarrely, one about being a serial killer and explaining your video library, it is a bit ‘out there’ but creatives will love it. Around £6 at

5. A motivational mug 

Good old procrastination can kill creativity. A mug for those days when you need to JFDI.






6. A subscription to New Scientist

Creative Director Andrew Ager swears by this long-running magazine, because, “It’s a bit like a crystal ball which tells you what’s going to be hot and what’s not.” New Scientist is a weekly, if you didn’t know, so a year’s sub doesn’t come cheap – the print version costs from around £149, depending on who you sign up with. A more affordable option is the tablet/web-only version.

7. Lessons in leadership and motivation

My good friend, CEO, entrepreneur and mum, Elise Mitchell has written a new book on leadership using her love of motorbikes and the road as a brilliant metaphor for her experiences. Leading Through The Turn  charts Elise’s amazing success as a female entrepreneur trailblazing for the rest of us.

8. Postcards

The facilitator’s best friend a box of pleasing postcards can be used for a wide variety of exercises – use them as visual stimulus to generate random ideas, ask people to find a metaphor in one of them or write a postcard to the future you. Some of our faves are here.

9. The best business book of the decade, if not ever – In Your Creative Element 

Disclaimer – this is new book about creativity in business 🙂 It’s been our for 2 years now and been a number one bestseller on Amazon! It’s also been called the ‘new corporate bible’ by the head of L&D Steve Latham at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and lots of other lovely things by lots of other people much cleverer than me. Go on you know you want one (or someone you know does).

Happy Christmas!

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