The right stuff for Rightster

The right stuff for Rightster

I worked with a team of sales, business development and creatives from Rightster last week – a really interesting digital business that helps content owners, publishers, creators and brands get their content seen online. We spent the Creative Ninjas workshop talking about how to get the most from the creative process from start to finish – from the lead process right through to the execution of the idea. Rightster in many ways is challenging the whole creative process by being the conduit for the creativity between the brand and the creator, and truly living and driving the idea of crowdsourcing working with online talent.

I think I learned as much last week from them as they did from me about the developments in digital and it’s truly inspiring. It’s certainly true that the best part of the job as a creativity trainer, for me is receiving brilliant feedback at the end of the day which shows that the training has been applied and can be used the minute the team get back to their desks. The day was universally scored 9 or 10 out of 10 as you can see from the quick and dirty evaluation sheet. It also shows that the creativity tools and process really can be applied to any problem or sector, old or new. If you’re interested in creativity training for your business please do get in touch.

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