The Judging Experience at Cannes – Design

The Judging Experience at Cannes – Design

One of the perks of working at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is that I get to spend time looking at all the creative work on show, and poke my nose into areas that I wouldn’t normally see. This year I really enjoyed wandering around an exhibit called ‘The Judging Experience’ at Cannes where all the artefacts entered into the Design category were displayed. You can take a nose around with me in these short films below.

One of the campaigns that I really liked was in a category I know nothing about – pet food! Not necessarily one known for exhibiting high levels of creativity either. Created in Brazil, by Sao Paulo agency AlmapBBDO, Whiskas produced ‘The Curious Cat Book’. Dubbed the first picture book written for cats, the book contains 20 illustrations and each one has a new toy or element that the ‘cat-reader’ can play with.

So there are pages of texture, string, mirrors and scratch poles. It’s interesting that this was entered into the design category as whilst there was an ATL campaign it is also a strong and creative PR idea that provided the brand with talkability, shareability and earned media for the brand. Whilst a book is not new to the world, the idea of reading to your cat is certainly novel and the book is new in this CATegory, sorry had to be done! If you’re interested in developing your creative skills please do get in touch with

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