The Creative Leap is 2 weeks in – where have you been?

The Creative Leap is 2 weeks in – where have you been?

It’s day 14 of our biggest freebie ever – we’ve been sharing some of our team’s favourite resources on this free programme, gleaned, learned and practiced over our combined careers spanning over 25 years working in PR, planning, scriptwriting, coaching and training over 15,000 people.

It’s a leap year so we decided to jump on it and open up our playbook to offer a taste of how we work and approach things. If you’re just getting involved here’s a selection of what you’ve missed:

  1. Know thyself – what’s your creative type? Three tests to give personal insights into your creative approach with an invite for your team to do the same
  2. Our favourite brainstorming app that introverts love
  3. Why ‘sleeping on it’ works
  4. Our creative agony aunt column – ask Claire anything!
  5. How to create a vision board to help make your dreams come true
  6. Cloudbusting
  7. Raisin meditation
  8. Alternatives to a traditional group brainstorm

We could go on. Instead why don’t you join us? There’s still time – 15 days left to be exact. Come on in the water’s lovely Join us!

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