The best creativity tools to try today – #2TrendWatching’s Canvas

The best creativity tools to try today – #2TrendWatching’s Canvas

Our new monthly look at the tools you can try when in search of your next big idea kicks off with TrendWatching’s Consumer Trend Canvas.

What is it?
The Consumer Trend Canvas (CTC) is basically a single-sheet grid which takes you from a current trend on the left-hand side of the page to the innovation of your own at the other.

What is it for?
They suggest it is a way for people to be able to identify what their customers are going to want next. They also say that a consumer trend is more than just pleasant diversions – they are an essential part of uncovering innovation opportunities.


How does it work?
You begin with a trend – the example they give is Beneficial Intelligence – and then work through six more stages before you arrive at the point where you come up with your innovation, each step informing the next.

The stages are:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Basic Needs
  3. Drivers of Change
  4. Emerging Expectations
  5. Innovation Type
  6. Who

If you use it logically, it will help you identify the current state of the market and how it is likely to evolve, what users want from products in that market, what your product will set out to do and who will use it.

Their top 5 trends for 2019 are:

Progressive consumers will welcome the ‘law of the brand’.

Why an extreme test and fix mindset is the future of wellness.

A bold new frontier for sustainability.

It’s time for our emerging AI overlords to play fair.

Imagined and real worlds collide in the name of play.

Who is it for?
It works for almost anyone who wants their next idea to be on-trend – be that for marketing ideas, product development, niches in a particular kind of service and so on. It’s a way to get real-world stimuli into your thinking and see how your ideas, products and services might play in different contexts and with different consumers/audiences that you may not have considered.

How long does it take?
You could put a week into it, but even a rapid-fire approach would help you to channel your thinking and steer you towards ideas that your customers may actually want.

Difficulty rating
1/5. TrendWatching’s CTC is a brilliantly simple-to-use creativity tool.

Why we love it
CTC is a well-thought-out, uncomplicated tool that is definitely worth trying when you want to catch the zeitgeist. We’re big fans of insight supported by processes at Now Go Create, and this ticks all the boxes.

Where do I get it?

Check out the trends on trendwatching.com and download the free worksheet here.


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