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  • I was so inspired by the ‘How to be a Creative Ninja’ training that we set up workshops for the whole agency. Claire is brilliant at demystifying the idea that ‘creativity’ is some kind of dark art or innate talent only possessed by few. Her training session was lively, engaging and, most importantly gave us practical tools that are proven to stimulate creativity and the confidence to believe that we can all be creative. What’s more, because the tools and techniques Claire gave us are simple and fun we are using them for creative sessions 5 years later.

    Jo Chappel, Creative Director (Fever PR)
    Jo Chappel, Creative Director (Fever PR)
  • The Now Go Create creative training programme is proving to be a great success within Sky Media. Claire has done a fantastic job, tailoring the programme to our specific needs and objectives whilst making it fun and stimulating too. We are reaping benefits in the way we approach briefs, and we have a team of enthusiastic ambassadors leading the charge across the business.

    David Shore, Head of Business Development (Sky Media)
    David Shore, Head of Business Development (Sky Media)
  • “Giving a presentation is never easy. All those eyes looking at you. Judging you. And as you look out at a sea of blank faces, it’s hard to tell if they’re taking any of it in. No wonder people don’t like doing them. We needed some help.  Claire’s one-day training session provided a brilliantly practical guide to presentations, including simple steps on how to effectively structure talks, tips on engaging with audiences, and the discipline of making just 2-3 key points and getting them to stick. Backed up with case studies, research, and her own experiences, it was an inspiring day which has helped boost the team’s confidence and weened us off the Powerpoint presentations we often use as a safety blanket. Whether you’re new to presentations, or have been doing them for years, I’d highly recommend this course if you want to improve.”

    Nick Foley, Head of Communications (The National Trust)
    Nick Foley, Head of Communications (The National Trust)
  • Testimonials

    10/10, loved it! A brilliant way to build creative confidence and I only wish we had more time to try more! It was a great mix of group and individual work, the tools were brilliant. I really appreciated the group discussions as well and the shared experience.

    Nada Matti-Leighton, Head of Marketing (Canopy & Stars & Sawdays)
    Nada Matti-Leighton, Head of Marketing (Canopy & Stars & Sawdays)
  • Anahita held my attention the whole time due to the range of interesting, different activities. As someone new to marketing I found the techniques really helpful thank you!

    Esther Scott, Marketing (University of Sheffield)
    Esther Scott, Marketing  (University of Sheffield)
  • I loved the variety of techniques on the Creative Ninja course and found I could apply most to my day to day work.” I’m so glad I came today. My creative confidence has been restored, I was surprised at just how creative I can be!

    Jade Cooke, Sales Manager (Netmums)
    Jade Cooke, Sales Manager (Netmums)
  • Creative Ninjas was great! My expectations were exceeded. I found the theory interesting and loved learning new techniques. Overall the facilitation, relevance and pace were excellent.

    Helena Wiltshire, Head of PR (Save The Children)
    Helena Wiltshire, Head of PR (Save The Children)
  • Testimonials

    The random stimulus exercises I particularly liked. I learnt some fantastic ways to kickstart my creative process that I would haven’t even considered before. I can’t wait to put my new creative tools to the test in my next creative challenge. Thanks for all your help and keep up the amazing work!

    Emily Cressey, Designer and Front End Developer (MIXD)
    Emily Cressey, Designer and Front End Developer (MIXD)
  • Thank you very much for today’s presentation skills workshop – it was really engaging and thoughtful too. I’m genuinely looking forward to trialing some of the new tools and techniques over the next few weeks; I just hope we don’t all bring tears to our audiences’ eyes every time we present!”

    Director, (The White Stuff)
    Director,  (The White Stuff)
  • I think it was absolutely the best course ever I have attended. The creative thinking techniques have changed my beliefs. I got so much valuable information and I am sure I will use it very often.

    General Manager, (Prêt A Manger)
    General Manager,  (Prêt A Manger)
  • 10/10 loved it. I liked that it all accumulated into one idea. I will definitely use these techniques going forward.

    I liked the practical techniques for generating ideas and I liked that each activity was quite short so you stayed engaged. I enjoyed all the stuff to play with on the tables as it helped me to concentrate!

    It got me thinking in a different way.

    Graduate trainee programme, (Vodafone)
    Graduate trainee programme,  (Vodafone)
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