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Our most popular course is our How To Be A Creative Ninja creative thinking workshop and we have trained thousands of people over the past 5 years.

People love the practical and quick tips and techniques they learn that can be directly applied to your challenges in the room when you attend our training. Whilst we have many clients in the creative industries – from world-leading PR agencies to digital firms and leading brands – we also work with teams from perhaps less obvious business areas to help them with their creative needs.

It was a real treat for us recently to work with the marketing and communications team at the London Legacy Development Corporation. Formed in April 2012, the London Legacy Development Corporation’s purpose is to use the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of the London 2012 Games and the creation of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to develop a dynamic new heart for east London, creating opportunities for local people and driving innovation and growth in London and the UK.

So no tall order then… We loved the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the stadium, see the ArcelorMittal Orbit up close and wander around the beautifully landscaped space – albeit on a wet and windy day!

The challenge for many in-house teams is to stay fresh and constantly find new ideas and ways-in to challenges when the resource group stays the same (as opposed to in an agency where bringing in different people from other areas / teams is the norm). The process, tools and techniques like those we shared with the London Legacy Development Corporation are aimed at providing structure and stimuli for both groups in brainstorms and individuals. Our view (backed up by research) is that a badly run brainstorm is worse than not holding one at all – without a structure and tools the facilitator might as well save time by giving everyone a pen and paper and asking them to come back in half an hour with their ideas. So we share ways to get the best out of the introverts, the extraverts and the ambiverts!

With their kind permission, here’s what a few of the London Legacy Development Corporation team had to say about our creativity training:

“I found the combination of theory and practical examples really useful. It was great to have real-life examples backed up by Claire’s own writings and the wider practices/theories on creativity. ‘Swipe by glee’ is also a great new mantra for my working life. Thanks for an excellent session, Claire! Usually I can be quite sceptical about this sort of training but this was a genuinely informative and pacey session with some excellent tips on how to channel my creativity and embed creative thinking into my day to day work.” David Harrison

“Fantastic day, good for our team relationships and confidence to be open minded with ideas. Claire was great at explaining the principles, she obviously knows and enjoys this topic very well. 10/10” Michelle Jones

“I really enjoyed reviewing the award winning campaigns and thinking about what the key elements of success were. Claire is an inspirational leader with bags of energy and a wealth of experience. She is excellent at bringing theory to life and shared a range of techniques to suit a variety of scenarios.”   Charly Hutson

We love working with teams from all different walks of creative life and seeing people’s confidence in their own abilities grow. If you’d like to have a chat about our training programmes and how we can help your team please contact  or you can join our open training on June 14th in Central London – a few places remaining NowGoCreate OpenTraining Spring and Summer 2017 We limit numbers to 16 and always sell out. Hope to see you there.

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