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We are beside-ourselves excited to be working with creative giants and pioneers of immersive theatre Punchdrunk on The Art of Immersive Story Making Workshop on 17th December. Imagine exploring the secrets & storytelling techniques developed by Punchdrunk that are key to creating their immersive worlds & then applying these back to your day-to-day professional life. The Story Making Workshop is on the set of their amazing current production The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable in Paddington and will explore different elements of Punchdrunk’s hallmark performance style & design techniques.

Punchdrunk believe in the power of multisensory storytelling, building worlds to get lost in and consumed by. Creating memorable experiences that live on in your mind body and soul, experiences that you take with you. Now they want to share their world with you to inspire your everyday practice…….

Beginning to build a brand world that creates memorable experiences…..

What would the town your brand built look like? What adventure would the hero of your story go on, how would they save the world, how would you involve your audience? What would be the sights, sounds and smells that transport you back?

 When you attend this workshop you will:

  • immerse yourself in an invented world
  • experience the impact of being on an emotional journey
  • discover the essence of great story making
  • learn the craft of creating emotional experience for an audience
  • translate the art of story to your related world –brand, person, product, organisation
  • begin to build your own storyworlds

There are 30 places which are selling like hot cakes! For more info contact claire@nowgocreate.co.uk

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