Polish your pitch skills during lockdown

Polish your pitch skills during lockdown

Next week we are running a new Storytelling Workshop online with our resident storyteller Max Dickins.

This is a rare opportunity to work with Max, a professional writer & storyteller.

We all tell stories every day. Whether that be around the dinner table with family, in the pub with friends or with clients at work. What if you could take this innately human capacity and polish it up into something extraordinary?

This is what you’ll learn in this workshop. Stories don’t just allow us to entertain others, they allow us to influence and inspire them. But to this effectively you need to know the simple secrets of all well told stories. In this fun and interactive session you’ll learn:

1. Essentials of structure
2. Detail: how to fill your stories with details that make them unforgettable.
3. Emotion: how to elicit feeling in your audience
4. How to strip an idea to its core so you can express it with clarity
5. Delivery tips to make your story sing.

Running next Thursday 28th May at 10:30 UK time. Places are £75pp, with a group and charity discount. Email me claire@nowgocreate.co.uk to book

Max is also offering one-on-one Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training
Receive personal coaching from professional actor and author Max Dickins! Max is offering one-on-one coaching via Zoom for anyone who wants to polish up their public speaking skills. In these sessions you’ll get a personal audit of your public speaking sticking points and then sessions working specifically on those, built bespoke for you. Max can be flexible with your schedule and your learning goals, so get in touch and Max would be delighted to chat to you about what he can do


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