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In a world where we are surrounded with noise, how can we use the tools of master storytellers to make our messages stand out?

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of sharing information and continues to be a marketing buzzword, and with good reason. Now, more than ever customers, consumers and stakeholders need reasons to engage with, and trust in companies, brands and institutions. Stories can be a way to connect.

Our previous ‘art of storytelling workshop’ with immersive theatre company Punchdrunk was a rip-roaring success and we’ve been working hard on finding the right partner to work with us on this new course. We’re delighted to partner with the mightily talented Max Dickins – a professional storyteller who shares his hard won insights into the craft of storytelling, learnt at the coal face on stages across the UK and beyond.

The storytelling workshop content has been developed by Max and Claire Bridges, Founder of Now Go Create, who knows the business of brands back to front, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that the principles of storytelling that we’ll share can be directly translated back to your business.

Storytelling coach Max Dickins

Great stories have the power to engage, move, make difficult subjects easy to grasp. We are all storytellers now with Twitter, Facebook and social media imploring us to share. In this highly interactive and practical workshop, participants will learn how to tell stories for personal impact. They will learn the craft of storytelling in order to: influence more effective at work, sell their ideas to clients and stakeholders, and understand the relevance of storytelling for brands.

This storytelling workshop will appeal to anyone who wants to participate in an immersive learning experience and will appeal particularly to anyone working with brands and looking for new ways to speak to translate corporate messages into the real world. You might be a brand manager, marketing director, business leader, in advertising & PR, in internal communications or in a creative team.

What you’ll learn

  • The power of stories: understand the science that explains why stories are the most powerful communication tool around.
  • Essentials of structure: we teach the shape that is common to every great story to make your message as punchy as possible.
  • The toolbox: practical story telling hacks that you can use straight away to tell brilliantly engaging anecdotes.
  • Applications: understand the different sorts of stories you can tell in business, and when you need them.
  • Learn the craft of creating emotional experience for an audience

This storytelling workshop runs for up to 20 people, with 15 as the ideal number to take part with one trainer – however we can also run it for many more. We can run it at your office location or at a suitably theatrical London venue for added oomph!

Please contact lucy@nowgocreate.co.uk to find out more and book one of our storytelling masterclasses with Max.