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“Invigorating, thrilling, fun, useful, enjoyable & outrageous”. Storytelling workshop participant

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of sharing information and continues to be a marketing buzzword, and with good reason. Now, more than ever customers, consumers and stakeholders need reasons to engage with, and trust in companies, brands and institutions. Stories can be a way to connect.

In 2015 Now Go Create collaborated to run the Art Of Storytelling Workshop with immersive theatre giants Punchdrunk on the set of their amazing immersive production The Drowned Man in Paddington. We ran this unique storytelling workshop for intrepid folk from a broad range of creative industries – Creative Directors, PR’s, research agencies, film makers, brand directors and media buyers. The workshop was an amazing opportunity to see behind the scenes and get some of the secrets that the creative team behind Punchdrunk use to build their immersive story worlds.  You can read what Campaign Magazine’s Kate Magee made of our Storytelling Workshop here and what one of the participants thought about it in more details here.

Following this one-off immersive experience, we continue to explore the role of storytelling in communications and collaborate with partners including Katy Balfour,  Performer, Writer & Director & Punchdrunk Associate Artist to create bespoke storytelling workshops for clients. Read Katy’s blog about what brands can learn from theatre about storytelling.

Messages travel in the form of tweets, gossip, plays, songs, chatter, old wives tales, children’s bedtime tales, viral videos, novels, adverts, propaganda. Remember the legend of the Trojan Horse? A story can be a vessel.

This 1-day workshop explores how to take storytelling principles and apply them to your product, brand or service.

Storytelling workshop

Percentages of pathos, ethos & lagos represented in one of the most viewed TED talks by Bryan Stevenson credit ‘Talk Like TED’, Carmine Gallo

We’ll cover topics including:

  1. We explore what stories you can adopt to engage with your audience. What narrative can you create that people want to share and take your brand along for the ride?
  2. Perhaps there are great (or not so great) stories that your consumers or audience are already sharing about your product or idea. Do you know what they are? Can you use any of them?
  3. If there is not an engaging story already circulating, what could you create or co-create with your customers?
  4. How to use Aristotle’s components of pathos (emotion), logos
    (logic) and ethos (credibility) in your stories for maximum impact.How to create metaphor and language that will make your content ‘sticky’ – whoever the audience.
  5. How to structure your stories for maximum impact using one of the 7 universal story plots – you can find out more and download our free storytelling hacks here.

Please contact lucy@nowgocreate.co.uk to book one of our storytelling workshops.


Storytelling workshop