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“You guys were fantastic. I liked the fact you just ‘got it’, obviously creative PR pros and delivered exactly what I needed. In the end we got basically a portfolio of ideas which worked well as they escalated.” Group MD, London

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Second place sucks. Using a similar scientific formula to the one that spawned both the Large Hadron Collider and Lindsay Lohan, we’ve calculated that the average pitch costs an agency at least thousands in billable time. That’s fine if you win, but lose and you might as well have taken the team to the Maldives for 10 days and bought them each a dolphin. Our mission is to help you win new business and retain existing accounts whilst ensuring that your core team is creatively refreshed – and that they neatly sidestep that most dreaded pitfall of them all: burnout. Imagine a freelance Creative Director and an army of assistants bursting with fresh ideas unencumbered by deadlines, client baggage or meetings!

The Now Go Create Pitch Bitch service offers everything from generating killer ideas to facilitating brainstorms, creating presentations to your spec to rehearsals with your presentation team. Think of it as a covert emergency service, a kind of roadside assistance for agencies who are grown up enough to understand that there’s nothing wrong with getting some outside help in sometimes.

We understand agency and in-house business challenges well and have been at the sharp end between us delivering ideas day in, day out. Led by a creative team with experience at the likes of Cake, Cohn & Wolfe, Hill & Knowlton, JCPR and Ketchum at MD and Creative Director level, we’ve worked across Consumer, Corporate and Healthcare on everything from Starbucks to Ford to Cervarix. Bloggers, planners, journalists, experiential experts – all at your disposal. Think of us as your freelance Creative Director (plus creative team) extraordinaire!


  • Brainstorming sessions with your team to get you thinking in a new way about a specific brief
  • Generating new ideas (in a hurry) to complement and inspire your own
  • Creating presentations on your behalf
  • Hands-on coaching of your pitch team
  • Developing new strategy
  • We can even write a whole darn presentation to your spec!

Call or email lucy@nowgocreate.co.uk if you want more information on this service.

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