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Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” Rudyard Kipling

Whether it’s a pitch, client presentation or a staff meeting, delivering a memorable presentation requires you to be equal part psychologist, creative, strategist, salesperson and actor. No small task. This presentation skills training is for those who want to deliver presentations more effectively.

As Mark Twain said: ‘It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good spontaneous speech.’ Bill Clinton was said to take up to 3 days doing speech drills to prepare for a 10-minute interview.

Drawing on the learnings from great public speakers, including TED talks, learn to overcome presentation anxiety, be unflappable and unstoppable when you deliver your next internal presentation or pitch.

Ideally suited to anyone who currently dreads standing up in front of an audience or secretly knows they could be better, this presentation skills training course will help you learn how to overcome presentation anxiety, be unflappable and unstoppable, to appreciate the importance of preparation and arm you with tips and tricks to turn yourself into a commanding performer.

The day is highly interactive, with delegates practicing presenting all day in short exercises leading to a 5-10 minute presentation. This might be the opening minutes to a new business pitch or just getting your business creds down to a brilliantly pithy, engaging delivery.

We’ve found that it’s an enjoyable, low-risk way for people to slay their presentation gremlins and see themselves progressing at a rapid pace. As a result, they leave with a new-found self confidence and feel far better equipped to present in an engaging way.

Great presentations are about 3 things – the audience, content & you! Learn how to create an emotional, novel & memorable pitch.

We’ll help prepare you to be able to introduce yourself in a clear, succinct and memorable way to define, articulate and present their pitches or presentations. This will include some pre-work and personal reflection.


  • How to hone your messages messages to create a killer pitch
  • The importance of preparation, with tips on how best to prepare and how to know you’re ready
  • How to understand what the audience wants and what they are expecting – and how to recognise and make the most of shifting moods
  • The language of influence and how to sell your brand, your products and yourself
  • How to structure content for maximum clarity and to make sure it progresses in a logical way
  • An understanding of different audience types
  • Be rehearsed, look spontaneous
  • Have the confidence to ditch Powerpoint

Based on our many years of experience training and delivering this and our other courses we now include a one-hour session as below for the group working with a coach who specializes in mindset to give the delegates an opportunity to work on their beliefs in relation to presenting. If someone has limiting beliefs in relation to their presenting ability then no amount of skills training will help.

This is confidence-building session for people to tackle limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m just not very creative’ or ‘people don’t respect my opinions.’ This workshop would see the participants working with a leading coach (a trained clinical hypnotherapist) to explore the idea of your inner critic further and how to get out of your own way with practical exercises.

“10/10. All very good stuff. The facilitator really knew her stuff, so I felt confident in going with her advice. She was patient and accommodating throughout. Highly recommended!” Aaron Parker, The Real Adventure

Contact Lucy to book your session.


Who is it for: key members of the team who would benefit from sharpened persuasive powers and/or anyone who presents or pitches regularly. We’ve worked with Boards and execs.
Duration: 1 or 2 days – in-house.
By the end: presentation skills will be noticeably improved and presentations will be more effective thanks to a newfound understanding of exactly what is needed to keep an audience engaged and on-side.