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Are you looking for an inspiring creativity Keynote speaker for your event?

“I was at your talk yesterday and took a lot from it. You were amazing. And Stephen Fry is a hard act to follow! So thank you.” Leonard Pitt

Now Go Create Founder Claire Bridges is an author and expert on creativity in business. But there’s a challenge with giving a keynote speech about creativity – defined as a combination of novelty, value and surprise. If the talk were just like many others you’ve seen you’d say “well, that wasn’t very creative, was it?” And it doesn’t seem very imaginative to stand on stage and present Powerpoint slides.

Instead, in this talk Claire makes six important points about how to promote the creative thinking that is vital to the success of every company, every brand and every campaign using just one visual.

And Claire makes it really simple for the audience to remember these six points. It’s all about BELIEF.

Self-belief is a fundamental element for creativity. Without self-belief we self-censor, shut things down, don’t speak up & talk ourselves out of ideas before they’ve even had a moment to breathe. The biggest factor impacting your ability to be creative is your belief about your ability to be creative! It’s called self-efficacy. Or creative confidence to put it more simply.

People who have creative confidence make better choices, set off more easily in new directions and are better able to find solutions to seemingly intractable problems. They see new possibilities and approach challenges with courage” our heroes, David & Tom Kelley, IDEO.

This talk promotes creative thinking and how to adopt a creative mindset, using Claire’s insights from 20 years working in the creative industries with world-famous brands, and interviews with creative leaders and experts.

Claire is author of best-selling creativity book – In Your Creative Element, The Formula for Creative Success in Business – an original work on one of the hottest topics in business. A former Creative Director Claire has made it her business to unpick how and why creative ideas are born, develop and survive or die.

This ‘TED-style’ keynote is around 25 mins, with 25 minutes for audience Q&A/audience discussion with Claire. Content and case studies can be tailored to your audience and category.

Claire recently gave a high profile keynote on belief, opening the brand and creative stage (following Stephen Fry now less) at the highly regarded Festival of Marketing, which was written up by the Creative’s bible Creative Review here.

Please contact lucy@nowgocreate.co.uk if you’d like to book Claire as a creativity Keynote speaker for your event or talk to us about any of your creative training needs on 07917 132 672.