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‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right. Henry Ford

The biggest factor impacting your ability to be creative is your belief about your ability to be creative! It’s called self-efficacy. OR creative confidence to put it more simply. “People who have creative confidence make better choices, set off more easily in new directions and are better able to find solutions to seemingly intractable problems. They see new possibilities and approach challenges with courage” our heroes, David & Tom Kelley, IDEO.

Ultimately creativity is in part the ability to let go of the fear of failing and to become willing to take a risk. In fact, maybe there is no such thing as failing. This workshop enables participants to access their own inner creative resources and ultimately gain the confidence to jump into the unknown.

This workshop will deliver a fundamental shift in your creative mindset, to generate creative confidence and from there, well, anything is possible! So how would we do that? Before you even arrive, we’re going to get you thinking – we’ll give you some bit-size bits of inspiration to consider and we’ll also get you to complete a creative task.


At the workshop we’ll explore some big questions like:

  • What is creative confidence?
  • What stops us?
  • How can we overcome our fears of getting it wrong?
  • What state resources us to be more creative?

Then it’s the big whammy – we’re going to demonstrate and practise a powerful process that will turnaround even the most unhelpful beliefs and give each person a direct connection to the creative genie that lives inside us all.

Each person will come away with their own personal creativity mantra, mindset and MO after which, well, all we can say is – world watch out! We suggest this course as pre-cursor to our Creative Ninjas course to really get in a great state to create and prepared for the tools and techniques.

For the ultimate Creativity Breakthrough, we recommend and offer 1-3 one to one Creative Coaching conversations to indelibly stamp on your brain creative confidence and the unshakeable certainty that you can do it, anywhere, anytime, anywhen. IDEO’s David Kelley has written a brilliant book on the subject of Creative Confidence. We have created a free workshop around their 11 minute TED-ed talk here. Call Lucy for a chat on 07917 132672 for a chat about this course.


Name of course: Creative Confidence.

Who is it for: anyone who wants to feel creatively bulletproof!

Duration: 1/2 day in-house
By the end: participants will be brimming with creative confidence in their ability to tackle any creative challenge anywhere, anytime, anywhen!

Contact us for the full creative course spec and prices Lucy