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We often work with individuals one on one to improve creative capabilities – either as part of a programme with a business or with individuals and freelancers who are looking to improve their abilities. We are currently working with the Creative Directors of several big London agencies in this way to help them in their creative leadership journey with great success as well as a group of 10 from an in-house team to act as creative catalysts in their organisation.

Whether you’re just starting out on your creative journey or looking to up your game creative coaching can help. Whether you’re an Account Director in a PR agency or new to an innovation role where creativity is now part of your remit then we can help demystify the topic and give you some practical ways-in including a tailored reading prescription and a personal starter-kit to get you on your way.

The majority of this creative coaching is done online to work at your pace and for flexibility and ease.

We’ll start by finding out where you are and what you know and create a programme tailored just for you. This includes undertaking an online creativity assessment and a one to one coaching session via Skype with our Founder Claire who has had to deal with many creative challenges in her time – from learning how to maximise creative output personally to how to adapt your skill and mindset to leading an organisational charge for creativity. Claire had to lead a team of 100 as the Creative and Insight Director at a leading WPP business over 2 years. For leadership coaching Elizabeth Lovius is one of the best in the business working with senior teams at the RFU, Cook Food, Pret and Itsu. See her biog here.

We’ll provide brain food, inspiration and creative stimulus to get you on your way! Find out more about The View – our starting point for this activity here. Coaching typically takes around 3 months to complete the tasks, reading and reflection required.

Please contact Lucy for more details. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration check out our free resources and our blog for tools and brainfood. If you’re looking to improve your creative confidence then see our course here and take our free Ted-ed workshop on confidence here.