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Now Go Create can help maximise the output from a workshop, team brainstorm or away day. We use proven brainstorm facilitation techniques, and combine these with our understanding of group dynamics and the psychology behind creativity and innovation.

We described facilitation as an art and a science because no matter how experienced you are and whatever tools you have up your sleeve every single workshop is different. But there are established processes and tools to make the outcome you need more likely.

The concept of a group of people sitting in a room brainstorming ideas was defined in the 1940’s by ad man Alex Osborn in his famous book “Your Creative Power”. Whilst some people’s idea of a great session might be ‘brainstorm, room one, 5 minutes” it doesn’t really cut it on many levels. That’s why we offer to plan and run a productive and prolific idea generation session for you to allow you to focus on the job in hand.

Clients get great value out of a well-facilitated session. To quote IDEO’s David Kelly:

mediocrity is expensive.”

We’ve facilitated for London Zoo, Camelot, Discovery Channel and many, many London PR and digital agencies. Email lucy and let us take the strain so you can fully participate in your project. If you’re looking for yourself brainstorm facilitation training click here

Our people are seasoned facilitators, particularly when it comes to creative workshops and the brainstorms. So what can you expect if you work with us?

  • Typically we’re asked to get involved when there’s a complex problem to navigate or to bring a group of people together to generate and sort ideas against a topic
  • We’ve done this for hundreds of groups over our collective careers
  • We usually work on a plan for a half or full day workshop, although we can help you with shorter or longer sessions
  • We’ll discuss the nature of the challenge with you and how to find ‘ways in’
  • This will result in a clear objective and problem statement for the session avoiding the “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” common pitfall
  • Maybe you just want to inject some fun into proceedings with fresh ways into a challenge or pep up a standard offsite with something a bit more productive and interesting
  • Whatever it is we can help!

Working with Anahita from Go Create has been a fantastic experience. It has transformed the way we brainstorm and helped us generate a huge amount of ideas… not just ideas but different ideas. The team has come together and worked closely in a different way, it helped us forget our pressing tactical and functional activities for a few hours and made us think big, longer term and creatively. Not only we found it a very productive way to think about our next initiatives but everyone found it very enjoyable.”

Massimo Ghislandi, SDL


“Claire developed and facilitated an unforgettable global positioning workshop for Courvoisier. From helping refine the brief to exceeding our expectations on the delivery, she provided a diverse blend of elements – ranging from the conventional to the inspirational. The team left thoroughly engaged and excited about the way ahead – in no small part down to the insight, effort and passion brought to the table by Claire. I would not hesitate to recommend Claire, she is highly professional, creative and a real joy to work with, a sentiment echoed by all delegates of the workshop.”

Claire Richards, Senior Global Marketing Manager Beam Global Spirits & Wine