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Elizabeth Lovius Brilliant Brainstorm Training Facilitator

Elizabeth Lovius has trained 1,000’s of people in how to run brilliant creative sessions including teams at Pret a Manger & IBM.

One of the best bits of training I’ve done in 12 years.” Director, London

Loved every minute of it!” Alice Ter Haar, Cherry London

Brainstorm training is not just for Creative Directors it’s for anyone with the power to call a meeting.” Matt Wright, Creative Director, Given

Creativity facilitators are the orchestra conductors of team creativity, arguably one of the most vital members of your team. Without them – and the delicate pair of hands they bring to your brainstorming sessions – creativity meetings can quickly collapse. Facilitation is such an important skill and is well within the grasp of so many people, and yet most companies take the ‘let’s just have a meeting’ approach, or pick a random, untrained facilitator, often with disappointing results.

Our brilliant brainstorm training will ensure that you become a trained brainstorm facilitator who can foster trust and openness, involve everyone, adapt to different personalities and make it fun and OK to take risks. They help ideas to bounce around the room, picking up momentum as they go – and make brainstorming rewarding for everyone. We recommend this course to follow our Creative Ninjas training for those who want to lead the creative charge in their business.


  • The role and key skills of the facilitator
  • The art of facilitator presence; listening, being present and connecting
  • Structuring a session
  • How to get participation with different types
  • Handling difficult dynamics in a group
  • Can you facilitate and participate?
  • Your personal key to unlocking your facilitating genius

Who is it for: intelligent, diplomatic members of the team who would enjoy/benefit from becoming a creative lynchpin for the group.
Duration: 1 day – in-house or on designated dates at a lovely Central London location.
By the end: participants will be able to facilitate group-brainstorming sessions that include and engage the whole team and result in a steady flow of fresh ideas.

We use proven brainstorm facilitation techniques and combine these with our understanding of group dynamics and the psychology behind creativity and innovation. This is a highly interactive and experiential brainstorm training session where you will learn the art of facilitating through the following methods. Learning by:

  • Experiencing
  • Doing
  • Feedback (giving and receiving)
  • Reading (after the workshop you will have a meaty 60 page expert resource book to digest at your leisure)

Do your group brainstorms fall flat? Read more about why here. We are running this an an open training again in October 2017. Call Lucy on 07917 132672 or email to book this course.

If you want some free tips on brainstorm facilitation check our mindmap and blog posts here.