How To Be An Online Ninja

We’re running our most popular webinars (& some new ones!) with our online creativity training.

Learn as an individual or with your team and include people across different locations. These webinars can be run exclusively for you and your team, or you can join one of our scheduled webinars over the next few months. Each of our online workshops is usually 2 hours long.

Creative Ninjas – Dip your toe into our most popular creative training workshop – How To Be A Creative Ninja. This introduction is a brilliant foray into creativity tools and techniques and can be taken before our highly acclaimed face-to-face workshops to give you a head-start. We’ve run these tools-focussed webinars for over 6 years with excellent feedback.

Zoom in on your creativity – be a Facilitation Ninja – an overview of the principles of brilliant facilitation for groups and brainstorms including our favourite research and models, as well as practical tips.

Strategy Ninja – An introduction to strategy with our Strategy maven, planner extraordinaire Anahita Milligan.

Storytelling with Max Dickins – one of our most popular courses now available as a webinar for a fraction of the f2f cost.

SCAMPER webinar – Over 300 people have already taken this 45-minute webinar on what we call the WD40 of creativity tools. You’ll receive a worksheet with over 60 trigger questions to work through on your own challenges.

For each webinar you’ll receive a handout to run alongside the webinar content to work through your own challenges.

We can also run these on-demand for your team or group.

Online Creative Ninja

A 2 hour webinar where we’ll share tools and techniques to help tackle the blank page. Tools will include our go-to problem solving methods when we have a creative challenge – these include related worlds, using visual and random stimulus, unpacking trends and using technology to help your brainstorms and group ideation.

We’ll share selected award-winning and best in class video case studies and papers on creative work. You can add a copy of Claire’s book In Your Creative Element for each delegate if you’d like further reading and personal development. This webinar is priced for individuals and groups, contact us for details

Dates: 9:30am 9th November 2021, & 17th January 2021 Cost £75 + VAT pp

Please contact us for group bookings and prices

SCAMPER webinar

Over 300 people have already taken this 45-minute webinar on what we call the WD40 of creativity tools.

SCAMPER is an acronym for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify/Magnify, Put to other uses, Eliminate and Reverse. It’s provides a framework and stimulates questions and triggers which can be used to help you look at your challenge, work, project or product differently.

I first came across this tool when I began my research into creativity over a decade ago, in Michael Michalko’s brilliant, Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative Thinking Techniques, and find it really helpful provoke new avenues of thought, both individually and in groups.

Dates: Enquire for details

“It was great and I just put SCAMPER to good use for a brainstorm this afternoon and it was a great tool, thank you!”

Please contact us for group bookings and prices

Zoom in on your creativity – Facilitation Ninja

If you have to lead for creativity and help others to generate creative ideas then this is your bag. This NEW 90 minuted webinar will give you an overview of the principles of brilliant facilitation for groups and brainstorms along with templated worksheets to help you prepare for creative sessions.

Dates: Autumn dates – enquire

“Loved the session, was so useful going through the different tools and you maintained engagement throughout with the comments and breakout room. I love the Google arts and culture videos you shared for the random stimulation exercise and plan to use them straight away for an internal meeting! Thanks again.” Ellie Ashford-Hodges, Account Director, RMP

Storytelling with our resident writer – Max Dickins 

Storytelling for personal impact: how to tell stories to move others to action (90 minutes)

We all tell stories every day. Whether that be around the dinner table with family, in the pub with friends or with clients at work. What if you could take this innately human capacity and polish it up into something extraordinary? This is what you’ll learn in this workshop. Stories don’t just allow us to entertain others, they allow us to influence and inspire them. But to this effectively you need to know the simple secrets of all well told stories. In this fun and interactive online workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Essentials of structure: how using the right structure can help you grab and hold an audience’s attention.
  • Detail: how to fill your stories with details that make them unforgettable.
  • Emotion: how to elicit feeling in your audience, (and therefore move them to action.)
  • Finding the Point: how to strip an idea to its core so you can express it with clarity.
  • Delivery: using your body and voice to make your story sing.

In a post-Covid world, where communication by video conferencing and email dominates, it has never been more important to make your message clear and compelling. This workshop will help you with both your spoke and written communication so that you can thrive in the new normal and beyond.

Next open training date: November & Jan 2022

This is one of our most popular courses now available as a webinar during Covid19 for a fraction of the f2f cost.

How To Be A Strategy Ninja

Anahita will give you an overview of the steps to developing great strategy including diagnosis of the problem, interrogation of the brief, establishing what’s critical and prioritise using great questions, insights, audience data and trends. With case studies and practical tips for developing your own.

Dates: 2nd November 9:30-11:30 2021 and 10th January 2022

Please contact us for multiple webinars and group bookings and prices

You can take these as continuous development to build on the skills over a month, or take them individually. Please contact for more information or to make a (group) booking.

These online creativity training webinars are led by Now Go Create Founder Claire Bridges, and draw on her 25 years of practice in creativity in global PR agencies, and her academic studies. This is your chance to learn her go-to methods for creative thinking. You can join all three for a full immersion into the creative process and practice.

So come and join us for these webinars as an individual or with your team!




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