Movies that change lives – creativity for good

It’s Children In Need week and every year the campaign seems to get bigger and raise more money, which is amazing and humbling given how cash-strapped a lot of people are. It also demonstrates a lot of creative thinking on the part of the organisers in how to present the same kinds of information each year in new and interesting ways. We have been working with Unicef this week too, helping them to up the ante on their creative skills and share-problem solving tools to apply to some important real-world issues, and it’s been a real privilege to work with them. These 2 things reminded me of a heart-warming, impactful campaign that we judged at Cannes Lions this year that has creativity at it’s heart, used to orchestrate real change and good. It’s a simple idea, sensitively and beautifully executed by Y&R Moscow. There are 105,000 orphans in Russia looking for families and this campaign takes the shockingly poor, black and white stock photo images of the children and invited top Russian movie directors to come and help portray the boys in their true light. Movies That Change Lives won  a Silver Lion and shows the power of using visual in more ways than one.

And maybe the cynic in you cries ‘yes but the agency just did it pro bono to win an award’ or ‘using kids is a sure-fire way to the judge’s hearts’ and that may even have an element of truth, but if it changed just one of those children’s lives for the better isn’t it better to do something rather than nothing?


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