Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most creative of them all?

Fast Company has just published its 100 Most Creative People 2013 which includes rappers, data nerds & marketeers. It got us pondering what defines one person as ‘creative’ and not the person sitting next to them? Many studies have been done into the traits and characteristics of creative people and there are some reocurring themes:

  • Curiosity or openess to ideas – in order to generate ideas you have to be open to new ideas both your own and those of others
  • Motivation – creative people are motivated by the intrinsic act of creativity itself not neccessarily by money or other incentives
  • Two aspects of cognitive ability, problem solving and strategic thinking are common to creative thinkers
  • Self-belief / confidence is key to idea generation – if you believe you are creative you will behave in ways that deliver it

How many of these behaviours do you and your team demonstrate? On our Creative Ninja and leadership training we focus on the values & behaviours as well as skills in order to weave creativity into your business DNA. We are also trained to offer a psychometric assessment called the VIEW to offer insight into your own problem solving approach and creative coaching.

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