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Claire Bridges

Claire Bridges

Chief Spark & Founder Now Go Create

Claire is a world-leading creative expert, trainer, author. As former MD and Creative Director for WPP, she has been at the creative coalface herself, and led other's creatively.

Claire is one of only 100 people in the world to hold an MSc in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership from the Cass Business School at City University London. Claire’s best-selling book In Your Creative Element lifts the lid on the secrets of some of the world’s best ad and PR agencies and companies like Twitter, Paddy Power and the UN.

Claire is proud to be part of the training faculty at the Cannes Lions School / Festival of creativity. She is in demand as a university lecturer and for Keynote speeches on all things creative.

Anahita Milligan

Anahita Milligan

Planner, strategist & trainer

Anahita has a media planning background at Board Level, working for PHD and Universal McCann. At Manning Gottlieb OMD she worked in communications planning for PlayStation, winning a Campaign Media Award as well as heading up the COI team planning campaigns for the Training and Development Agency for Schools, Health and Safety Executive and the Food Standards Agency. She then set up Manning Gottlieb OMD’s creative problem solving unit, Ignition, where she worked with clients and agencies training creativity as well as running immersion and idea generation sessions.

In short she is a crack hot strategist and facilitator with bags of experience at the most senior level.

James Mallinson

James Mallinson

Mindset & presentation skills coach

James is a leading coach to many board level directors, CEO’s and high-profile individual and his work has been featured on everything from BBC Radio 4 to Reveal magazine. James is the co-founder of and uses his coaching skills and NLP training to help clients achieve high performance in areas including pitching, presentation and creative confidence.

As a former media professional, James has a deep understanding of the demands and pressure of the business environment, which allows him to work with his clients effectively and at pace.

Max Dickins

Max Dickins

Writer, producer, performer, storytelling coach

Max is a professional storyteller who shares his hard won insights into the craft of storytelling, learnt at the coal face on stages across the UK and beyond. He runs our storytelling and improv workshops.

Max had his own show on Absolute Radio. On stage he’s worked as a stand-up comedian, and his third solo-show ‘My Groupon Adventure’ was a sell- out smash hit at Edinburgh in 2014. This show inspired ‘My Groupon Adventure’, which was published in 2017. His latest work is as a playwright, including The Man on the Moor, a one-man play a critical hit at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival. As an actor and writer with TV and radio credits including BBC2, E4 and Sky1.

Lucy Francis

Lucy Francis

Rockstar PA

Lucy is likely to be your first point of call at Now Go Create. She looks after all our clients, bookings and logistics and knows all there is to know about all things creative! Contact her

Matthew Burgess

Matthew Burgess

Creative Leadership Coach

Matthew is the latest addition to our expert creativity trainers team! He's a creative leadership coach specialising in helping individuals and organisations cultivate the mindsets, skills, awarenesses and behaviours that fuel effective creative work. Creativity is not a gene that some have and some don’t. It’s an organisational operating system. This system must be constantly optimised and refreshed to deal with the rapidly evolving challenges faced by creative businesses. 21st-century work won’t work without it.

Matthew comes from a multidisciplinary creative career spanning innovation, television, journalism and music. Most recently, a multifaceted role at Discovery saw him invent an international innovation initiative, a guerilla employment engagement program and a set of design principles for global creative workspaces.

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