Meet our new leadership coach!

Meet our new leadership coach!

Here at Now Go Create we’ve trained over 15,000 people in creativity tools and techniques, from core skills like pitching to developing charisma and becoming a better storyteller. We know that ongoing personal development doesn’t come in a one size fits all approach and often requires a combination of approaches. One of these is coaching, to continue your development and embed and enrich face to face training.

With this in mind we’re delighted to introduce you to Matthew Burgess – a creative leadership coach with a background in innovation.

Matthew specialises in helping organisations cultivate the mindsets, skills, awarenesses and behaviours that fuel effective creative work. Creativity is not a gene that some have and some don’t. It’s an organisational operating system. This system must be constantly optimised and refreshed to deal with the rapidly evolving challenges faced by creative businesses. 21stcentury work won’t work without it.

“As the airline safety videos remind us, attend to your own oxygen mask first. Let’s get you working at your best so you can create the conditions for your team to work at theirs.”

The process of establishing a creative culture begins with leaders. Leaders of creative teams do much more than manage the work. The leaders behaviour – whether conscious or unconscious – sets the parameters for creative possibility. Is the growth being stifled or are you creating fertile ground? The role of the creative leader is to be a multiplier, increasing the potential of the team far beyond that of a collection of individuals. This is the sweet spot where truly great team work takes place. But it cant be done by rote. Leading creatives is itself a creative challenge, with all its associated frustrations and fulfillments.

Matthew’s coaching ethos is driven by what Albert Einstein called combinatory play,  a philosophy which he believes underpins all creative work. Its the idea – also cited by Paula Scher, Steve Jobs, Maria Popova and Thomas Edison – that creativity is a combinatorial force. That we create new thoughts, ideas and solutions, by connecting and combining existing elements in different ways. 

Matthew believe this principle doesnt just apply to the work we do in our jobs, but also in the work we must do on ourselves. We all have millions of these components: skills, experiences, inspirations, opinions, values, beliefs, drives. Each of us has a unique ability to do this, because each of us has a unique set of resources to draw on. These can be recombined to create new approaches to challenges, whether in leadership, in work or in life. Many of his clients have described our coaching relationship as like stepping into a new world where they can pause timeand explore the components of their challenges and experiences in detail. Explore, experiment and then execute.

Matthew offers a three-month executive coaching program consisting of six sessions with interspersed exploratory and reflective work. Each program is bespoke, as Matthew’s approach is also combinatory.  He qualified with the Academy of Executive Coaching, which teaches a number of coaching approaches and encourages its practitioners to synthesise their own combinations for each client.  The process begin with a free no-obligation half hour call, during which you can discuss how you might best work together and then we will design a program that will best fit your needs.

  • It may be that you have attended one of our open training workshops and you’d like to develop your own creative skills further.
  • Or you may be a new-to-the-post creative leader who needs support to make the most of your own potential and that of your team.
  • Perhaps you are seeking to develop the the next level and need help to find ways to get that promotion and recognition.
  • Perhaps you feel creatively stuck, or are struggling to find purpose or meaning in your practice.

Whatever your coaching needs, please do get in touch with who can put you on the right path and set up a call with Matthew.

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