Mcdonalds festival campaign taps into currency trend

Mcdonalds festival campaign taps into currency trend

I noticed whilst judging at Cannes Lions 2014 that there was trend playing out in many of the campaigns – asking consumers to pay for goods, services and events with something other than cash. An award-winning campaign that used this theme was the adidas D Rose Jump Store – jump for your shoes, and last year’s Marc Jacob’s Daisy store – pay with a tweet for a handbag – are notable examples. The Orange Rock Corps – give get given campaign – was one of the first to leverage this idea several years ago.

Now Mcdonalds has announced a festival campaign working this trend (and several others). The brand will accept empty cans instead of cash as payment for a burger or Big Mac to try and encourage people to tidy up after themselves. The campaign by DDB Stockholm is running in Sweden around festivals and green sites. The billboards are also interactive as they act like a dispenser – issuing big black bin bags for people to collect the rubbish with a ‘price list’ printed on.

The price? 10 cans for a burger, 40 for a Big Mac. I guess as you’ll be burning off a few calories in the collection process too everybody wins! This campaign also taps into what I’d call ‘for good’ trend – it’s for everyone’s benefit and has a feel-good factor to it and also leverages collaboration with your consumer.

Ask yourself what you could your brand barter with your audience? Read our Cannes round up about the currency trend here.

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