Make this your best creative year yet!  Free creative resources

Make this your best creative year yet! Free creative resources

So hopefully you’re over the hump of so-called Blue Monday – January 18th – the most depressing day of the year when all our good intentions and resolutions fail and we come back down to earth.

Did you make any ambitious creative plans yet? What’s going to be the thing that makes you look back on 2018 and smile knowing you did great work? Or at play? Wants some free creative resources to help?

I often get asked for pointers to creative inspiration. Here are some of my favourite places you can explore to get free creative resources to help you with your pursuit of all things creative and some free stuff from Now Go Create to make your creative endeavours just that little bit easier.

1. Check out Moodstream from Getty Images – a selection of music and images at random to help stimulate your creativity – pick a mood and a theme – excite, inspire or simplify perhaps and see what happens. Good random stimulus to get you out of your head for a while. You can save the images on a mood board too to share or refer to later.

2. – breakfast lecture series for creatives with a good blog and free podcasts

3. TED, of course. Get a cuppa and watch some of our favourites from Amy Tan, Ken Robinson and IDEO’s Tim Brown

4. I love Fast Company – my go-to site with articles, blogs and creativity info, almost too much to digest

5. I like blog for its insights into the latest research into creativity and many other interesting topics

6. – full of creative inspiration with tech edge.

7. Sign up below and check out Now Go Create’s free hacks to find creative Nirvana.  Step into someone else’s shoes, take a risk or play more.

If you want to up the ante on your creative prowess in 2018 then we’re running two of our most popular courses as open creative and brainstorm training in June and September 2018. Check out the full course specs here Open Workshops June and September 2018

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