Life’s too short to stare at a blank – 8 free creativity tools on us!

Life’s too short to stare at a blank – 8 free creativity tools on us!

How is your January going? Has that lovely blank slate that a new year offers sparked all your creative hopes, plans and ambitions for the year ahead?

Enclosed are 8 Creative Hacks – free creativity tools on us to help conquer the blank page from creativity experts Now Go Create.

Use the cards to help you prep for a group creative session or to generate ideas by yourself. Each card is a tried and tested method to stimulate your imagination and get a fresh perspective on your challenge. There are tools include taking risks and changing perspective…..

Free creativity tools Now Go Create…and walk in someone else’s shoes, get outside, sleep on it, get lost – use the provocations to help you generate ideas in your next creative workshop.

There are also cards to help with facilitation if that’s your remit, to evaluate your ideas and to stimulate day-to-day creativity. If upping the ante on your brainstorming capabilities is your thing then check out our open training in February.

Creativity is sometimes a bit like stand-up comedy – be creative, do it now. The cards will help you and others to be more creative, more quickly. Enjoy! Each of the cards is an original design created for us by the fabulous Man v Beast , a multi-disciplined studio full of creative adventurers whose passion, bravery and trust ethos was right up our street!

You can find the first instalment of our free creativity tools here NGC_2016_Creative Solutions Please let us know how you get on using the cards! If you’re reading this in January you can complete your own card and the one that inspires us most will get a hard copy of the pack.

If you’d like to find out more about our methods and creativity training please contact or check out our courses here.

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