Lessons in leadership from dancing guy

Lessons in leadership from dancing guy

I’ve been researching leadership in innovation for a client we’re working with this week.

And I came across this video which captures perfectly in under 3 minutes what’s required to get out in front and be the leader.

To succeed in creating a more innovative culture, you need to build an innovation movement within the organization. And that movement has to start with the leadership team.

To start with it may be tough, but when you find the right supporters within the organization, your movement will gradually start to pick more steam and eventually you’ll reach the tipping point where the rest of the people have virtually no choice but to join in or risk being left on the outside.

  1. I see you alone out there
  2. You look easy to follow
  3. The first follower takes the plunge
  4. He makes it easier for the next one – this is the turning point
  5. Everyone gets on board

This video by Derek Sivers captures the idea brilliantly, and with great humour! We’re currently working with a range of clients on different creativity and innovation projects. Give us a shout if you need any help in your organisation and leading the charge for innovation email claire@nowgocreate.co.uk



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