Just what happens on our creativity courses?

Just what happens on our creativity courses?

Have you ever looked at creativity courses and wondered what goes on during a workshop?

Here at Now Go Create we firmly believe what academic research backs up – that each and everyone one of us is creative and that just like other skills you can hone, develop and practice to enhance your creative skills. Creativity courses like ours can give individuals, team and creative leaders the skills and confidence to take their creative processes, brainstorming and idea generation to the next level.

As Stanford Professor Dr Carol Dweck’s research on mindset has shown – your attitude, approach, dedication and practice can be key to your success or failure as much as any ‘innate’ talent we may possess. One of our favourite mantras is ‘you don’t have to be ill to get better’ so we love it when we are invited to work with creative businesses that are already doing well and know that keep at the top of their game they must top up their creative tanks and experiment with new things.

So we were thrilled to hear that digital marketing agency Think BDA’s Digital Director Robert Jarvis has developed his own creative mantra following our recent Creative Ninja workshop.

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Find out what Robert thought about our training below.

Other recent feedback from one of our leadership creativity courses includes the following, most succinct, to the point comment that we love!

The question we asked was: is there an element you particularly enjoyed?

“All of it! The course had a profound impact on how I will work moving forward. Amazing.” Senior TV Producer

Another participant from the TV industry on the same course wrote: “The course facilitator was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the practical aspect to the exercises as well as the individual coaching.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help your business up the ante on creativity please contact lucy@nowgocreate.co.uk. We’re running our next open training in October and also run our courses in-house.


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