Join Our Creative Kickstarter intensive this February!

Did you know that critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity are the top 3 skills required in business in this decade and beyond?

And Covid is influencing everything from where we work to how we communicate on behalf of brands, companies and individuals, requiring creativity more than ever.

So, we’re going to top up your creative stores and up your creative energy. But 2020 was tough and you may be feeling a bit worn out, physically and mentally. And this first week of 2021 feels a bit like wading through treacle.

So join our Creative Kickstarter intensive in February and we’ll give you all the tools and inspiration to kick-start 2021 and get on your A-game as a creative thinker!

“The whole programme changed a lot of my perceptions around creative thinking and confidence.” Account Manager, Havas London

You’re in for a treat – we’ve curated all our favourite hacks and tips for this Creative Kickstarter intensive to help you generate, develop and sell your ideas.

Setting aside 90-minutes each morning in the first week of February, the series of online workshops (via Zoom) includes the following:

Monday 1st Feb – Ideas and Where To Find Them – we’ll introduce you a raft of creative approaches and tools to tackle the different stages of the creative process. We will share tools to help you unpick a brief, use insight and generate ideas. Featuring case studies and practical exercises. Led by Now Go Create Founder Claire.

“Loved this session and it was great to be reminded that everyone is creative and just because your title isn’t ‘creative’ doesn’t mean you can’t have active input.” Account Director

Tuesday 2nd Feb – Goodbye Inner Critic, Hello Inner Coach – a personal development session working with mindset coach to CEO’s and celebrities alike. Your host James Mallinson will help you tackle any presenting demons and boost your confidence. Get rid of that obnoxious roommate in your head!

 “I was sceptical about these techniques during the session as I think that suggesting people can rid themselves of anxiety or stress in one hour is unrealistic. HOWEVER – the specific anxiety I had around a particular memory has completely gone since the session. I’m a convert!” Agency attendee

Wednesday 3rd FebIdeas and How To Sell Them – how to devise and revise your brilliant content and how to sell it, stepping into the audience’s shoes and working on your messaging.

“Interesting session with useful techniques that we can use in a work environment and fun exercises. Good to see that everyone has worries around public speaking.” Media Agency Account Manager

Thursday 4th Feb – Storytelling Masterclass with Max Dickins – stories are at the heart of your business. Learn how structure can help you grab and hold attention, how to fill your stories with unforgettable details and how to elicit feeling in your audience working with scriptwriter, author and performer Max.

“Very interactive and fun. Max made us all feel at ease. This session helped with my confidence.”

Friday 5th Feb – Ideas and How To Kill Them – a spin around creative work and award-winning campaigns across disciplines, with discussion about what works, and why, with frameworks to provide structure to this minefield!

You can bring a live brief to this Creative Kickstarter intensive to make the tools immediately applicable to your day-to-day work. We will send you how-to handouts after each session so you can use the tools immediately. You’ll also receive a copy of Claire’s book In Your Creative Element to continue your personal development afterwards.

Each session will run 9:30-11 and will be recorded so that you can access the session for up to 2 weeks afterwards.

Take the whole week of learning – totalling 7.5 hours of webinar time, worksheets and handouts and Claire’s book for £425 +VAT. This is a brand new offer for 2021 bringing together all our ‘best bits’ and is chance for you try the workshops on behalf of your group or team, or bring them along with you for the ride!

Add a one-to-one follow up coaching session with one of the Now Go Create coaches for £125+ VAT to get your action-plan game on!

Contact me if you’re a team leader and want to run this for your team, working alongside me – add your personal deck for you to help lead the team and build on the themes and content (at additional cost).

Contact if you have any questions, for a group booking rate or to book your place on this shiny new course! Places will be limited to ensure one to one conversation, break out time and discussion. We hope to see you there!

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