Creativity tip # If you want creative inspiration, just get lost!

Get lost to find ideas


Are you suffering from the curse of knowledge?

There’s a problem known as the ‘curse of knowledge’ – when being too close to a problem can actually mean that it’s harder to find a solution because you have well-worn routes to getting the answer. That’s why getting a little bit lost (deliberately) can be a good thing.

If you’re finding it tough to get out of your usual groove of thinking and need some creative inspiration then think about whether you can have a facilitation IOU – ask someone else to facilitate your session to your brief, but without your baggage and you can do the same for them.

Or invite someone with a new perspective on your problem to talk to you – ask a teacher if you need to understand how to ‘educate’ an audience or a doctor about how viruses spread if you want to create contagious content.

You could try another technique ‘stepping into someone else’s shoes’ to get a new point of view or take a break and head out for a Creative Safari. Ditch your phone, get your coat, a notebook and take just an open mind. We all need incubation time away from problems to allow our unconscious mind to work on the problem for us and to make connections – we can’t always ‘force’ these to happen as much as we might like. So down time is not wasted time.

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