Ideas and where to find them! Free creativity webinar.

Free creativity webinar on April 13th, 3pm

I’m really thrilled that the creative’s bible, Creative Review has been publishing extracts from my book for the past 3 months, you can read them here. They’ve been really popular so to spread the love a bit more we’re running a creativity webinar next week (along with the Editor no less) and you can join it for free here!

So join me, and Creative Review Editor Patrick Burgoyne, to discover 10 Creative Hacks for tackling the blank page. Here at Now Go Create we love the fact that Creative Review  showcases, inspires and encourages the best in creativity (just like us).

And we know creativity is the lifeblood of your business so we’re offering you our first ever open creativity webinar to offer advice for three different stages of the creative process and help you master your craft. And it’s free, nada, nothing! All on us.

In this one-hour creativity webinar (including a 20-minute Q&A) you’ll discover:

·       Learn and practice tools and creative hacks to help you conquer the blank page.
·       How to brainstorm more effectively in teams and some of the psychological factors at play in group creative work
·       How to take the heat out of discussing creative work and learn tools to subjectively discuss and evaluate your own and other’s creative work.

I’ll also be talking a bit about the thinking behind my new book In Your Creative Element, which you can buy here. If you enter the code PMKCREATIVE20 at checkout you’ll get a cheeky 20% off. See you there!

The webinar reflects our thinking and some of the tools we teach on our How To Become A Creative Ninja course. If you’d like to find out more or book a session contact

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