How to write a killer PR award entry – what do judges look for?

PRCA how to write a killer award entry

I’m running a conference for the PRCA next week to share insights from awards judges and award winners on what it takes to create an award-winning PR campaign. I also run a regular course for the PRCA on this subject and thought I’d share some of the useful comments that PRCA judges have shared.

Ruth Allchurch & Rikki Weir. Multiple award winners Cirkle PR’s tips how to write a killer PR award entry.

“Ensure that your strategy is THE strategy – I’ve seen so many entries where the strategy is the objectives.

Ensure that the campaign objectives are measurable and showcase them in context of the results that the campaign achieved – it has to feel joined up.

Don’t presume that the judges know the brand/sector you are talking about – explain what/who your client/brand is – give a bit of context/relevance to the sector they are in.

Explain what your challenge was and how you addressed it.

Keep the copy short, bouncy and where relevant litter it with adjectives to bring your campaign to life in as compelling a way as possible. Don’t just reel off a list of quant. results e.g. 60m reach – give each metric a context.

A killer award entry is something that gives me goosebumps – something that is so compelling with stand-out strategic thinking and creativity that it makes us think ‘why the (bleep) didn’t we think of that’

It brilliantly demonstratee how the campaign OUTCOME achieved your objectives e.g. what dials did the campaign shift in terms of reputation, awareness, behaviour, commercial sales etc.”

An in-house perspective from Vodafone, Gabi Ioan.

“As people’s time is a limited resource, entries should be kept to the point, without compromising quality. It’s very important you emphasise the results/benefits of your campaign and provide the judges with context/background information/objectives, so that they can measure your achievement against specific KPIs/targets.

Judging should be an objective evaluation of someone’s work/performance; however, there’s a degree of subjectivity involved when it comes to comms as it’s not an exact science. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s about personal ‘likes/dislikes’ but I do think visuals add value to any entry. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words, as they say, and I agree. Creativity, detailed planning, great execution, teamwork plus collaboration across functions are the ingredients of a winning recipe.”

Join us next week in Central London to hear from award winners Mischief PR on their Paddy Power campaign and hear a panel of judges discuss how to impress. To book click here or join our next ‘how to write a killer PR award entry’ course at PRCA HQ.


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