How to innovate in a time of crisis

How to innovate in a time of crisis

I was recently asked by my publisher, Kogan Page to take part in a discussion about how to innovate in a time of crisis, and some ways into it when we might feel stressed and not particularly creative.

In this Off the Page event, I explained how tools can act as creative triggers and why – no matter what your company or sector – when using your own creativity and stimulus, and applying it to your business context, you can come up with truly unique ideas.

In this short clip I answer a great question about how innovate in a time of crisis that was posed by one of the delegates:

“If we all use the same innovation tools, how can we ensure that we get different ideas?”

Tools act as triggers and frameworks to help add process to your thinking – but given that we all have unique experiences, memories, childhoods, education, biases and interests then the content that you and your team put into them will be different every time. We love sharing our creative toolkit and seeing how tools help people from different sectors, geographies and industries generate new and fresh ideas.

You can sign up to watch the whole session here along with a 20% discount off my book!

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