How to facilitate a brilliant brainstorm – key skills & Mindmap

When we ran our survey with the Holmes Report last year we uncovered that brainstorm facilitation skills are often ignored by many businesses but are fundamental to brilliant (or terrible) brainstorms as anyone who’s watched The Apprentice will know. Uber-trainer Liz Lovius ran our Brilliant Facilitation Skills workshop last week for a group of agency, in-house and brand folk who universally loved it as part of our Creative Full Monty workshop. We thought we’d share the mindmap we created at the end of that session here for an at-a-glance guide to brilliant facilitation whether for a creative session, brainstorm or meeting. Alice Ter Haar from hot London partnership agency Cherry London summed up the training “I loved every minute of it! 5/5 & 100% relevant to my day to day work.” If you want to find out more please contact us or check out the full course spec here.


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