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Still stumped on how to collaborate on Zoom or get ideas going in the office?

In this free mini-training, we provide our go-to methods and tools to get the creative juices flowing. You will learn how to facilitate a group through a collaborative problem-solving process, generate solutions and tease out genius ideas!

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Struggling to bounce back after a year of home-schooling, solo working and back-to-back Zoom calls?

“Our teams are operating on auto-pilot. Our brainstorms are lacklustre and our output feels stale, repetitive and uninspiring. I know we can do better.”

“Working from home is making creative collaboration as a team feel impossible.”

“There’s so much day-to-day stuff to wade through, there’s no space for creative thinking or new ideas.”

We get it!

  • Maybe your business or agency is even starting to lose out to ‘more creative’ competitors?
  • Or you’re in a creative role and have (ironically) lost your creative mojo… which is making you feel like an imposter in the job you once loved?
  • Perhaps you are a small team and you struggle to come up with new ideas?
  • Feeling burnt out and unmotivated? We hear you.

Coming up with fresh ideas is essential to business in this fast-changing environment. Yet, when it comes to brainstorming there are many ways for things to go off-piste. No clear goal, stragglers, nay-sayers, scrolling through their phoners, black-hatters, no decision-making process, no way for introverts or the less confident to have their say, the list goes on.

So, how about a made-for-you mini e-learning module to help you plan and brainstorm, plus a facilitator’s cheat sheet, tested by experts during lockdown hundreds of times?

This free mini-training from the experts at Now Go Create works alongside the nifty ‘done-the-thinking for you’ cheat sheet to help you be a catalyst amongst your colleagues and tease out their genius ideas.

In this training you will learn:

  • 15 ways to unleash your creativity
  • How to plan and brainstorm as a team
  • How to facilitate a group through a collaborative problem-solving process remotely or in person
  • How to generate effective solutions and fresh ideas
  • Working virtually alongside author and former Creative Director, Claire Bridges

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“I always come away from a Now Go Create course or workshop filled with a set of new tools to use both personally or amongst our wider team, and this course certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s a really engaging way to share new creative tools, and I think makes clear that everyone can be creative, we just need the tools & opportunity to exercise it.

Once again I am blown away by the tools offered, delivery of the course & how inspired I felt at the end. Lots of stimulus & a really easy flow, and being able to see progress throughout meant my attention really stayed where it needed to be.”

— Lauren Spearman, Head of Advocacy,

What they’re saying about us

“What a great resource that really works! I love the fact that you can sit down and do it in parts and if you are interrupted by calls/children/dog you don’t have to start again. The tools are just as useful for an individual as for teams. If you are working alone at home and feeling a bit stuck it equally works.”

— Frances Adams, Team Leader, Marketing, Fremantle on How To Build An Idea

“I’ve been thinking of ways to boost my creativity and this course has really helped on that front. Great State To Create is full of really practical accessible quick ways to get you in a great mindframe. I did a photo safari which I loved, getting a different perspective on things, and other mini brilliantly laid out exercises online that you can integrate into your day really easily. It has encouraged me to build creativity into every day so I’m not stale and feel super inspired!”

— Suzy Bashford, Big Juicy Creative on Great State To Create

Who are we?

Now Go Create is a crack team of creative training and leadership experts with world-class credentials. Over the past 10 years we’ve trained almost 20,000 people in the art and science of creative thinking.

And we can help you to future-proof your business and up-skill your people.

We’ve trained teams all over the world, virtually, and in-person, including the UN, Unicef, Disney, The Jamie Oliver Group, ASOS, Fremantle Media, New York Times and Google. We’ve taught creativity across multiple industries with leading PR, design, creative, research and insight agencies.

Now we’re bringing our academically researched frameworks to add a sprinkling of science to the creative process through virtual learning. We deliver practical tools and techniques to empower you and your people to tap into creativity and thrive against your competitors. Try out our free remote brainstorming template as part of the training and let us know how you get on!

Are you ready to tease out all those juicy ideas? If so, then hit the button below right now to get the training.

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