How do you define strategy?

How do you define strategy?

Whenever we teach and talk about creativity here at Now Go Create we love to hear our delegate’s different definitions.

The search for ‘business strategy books’ on Amazon yields over 90,000 results.

So I loved it when I heard how David McTaggart – one of the early members of Greenpeace is said to have defined how they went about doing what they did on a recent Radio4 documentary.

Go the shortest route with the least amount of energy for the greatest return” 

David McTaggart was the one who took a small embryonic organisation in the early 1970s and transformed it into a global force for change. After the nuclear testing protests, McTaggart set up International Greenpeace organisations in Britain, France and the Netherlands. He bought a trawler from the British Government, and re-named it The Rainbow Warrior.

“He successfully drew attention to the issues in ways that no-one had previously considered, by putting himself directly at the heart of the action – in the line of fire of a whaler’s harpoon, or being rammed by a naval frigate” says writer Emma Shortis.

How do you define strategy in the work that you do? If you’re interested in finding out more about how we help demystify strategy check out our open course dates here  and read these blogs on the topic here Everything you ever wanted to know about strategy (but were afraid to ask) and here The theory of change – a free creative strategy tool.

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Listen to the full Radio4 documentary here. 

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