Given up booze for January? Quit now!

Given up booze for January? Quit now!

Admit it: you were faltering already, weren’t you? The first office Friday of 2015 and everyone disappeared to the pub where your meek order of “fizzy water” earned you nothing more than jeers. We’ve all been there… Millions of us try (and usually fail) to give up the booze every January because we’ve convinced ourselves that we need to detox. Maybe that’s true but for creative types comes a new argument that the demon drink is, in fact, a bit of a boon.

Aiming to prove this very point is a new Danish beer called The Problem Solver. In a single bottle, it claims it will give you exactly the right dose of alcohol to achieve peak tipsiness – the point at which great ideas seem to flow most naturally. Its makers claim it has all been investigated “scientifically”, with beer-loving researchers “proving” that when reaching a blood alcohol level of precisely 0.075 you’re in the creative hot zone.

I’m guessing that some of you will now be nodding along enthusiastically at this news, delighted that someone has validated what you thought all along – namely that towards the end of your first / start of your second drink the ideas tumble like creative gold from your mildly intoxicated lips. Others, I guess, will think this utter piffle, having heard only too often the drivel that their colleagues spout when drinking.

Problem Solver is an Indian Pale ale, a rather strong one at 7.1 per cent ABV, and the clever bit is a little scale down the side of the bottle which shows you when you’ve downed the ‘perfect’ amount of alcohol, according to your sex and weight.

So are the makers are onto something? I’ve worked in many a PR firm where the overspill ‘office’ is the pub. And something seems to kick in after about 20 or 30 minutes of drinking – people loosen up, conversational starts to sparkle, and slightly more left-field thinking enters the fray.

The problem, of course, is trying to stay at that level – and Problem Solver, sadly, doesn’t solve that problem at all. Like all beers, if you keep drinking it you’ll keep getting steadily hammered and the liquid gold turns to lumpy bronze and from there into scrap metal. But really it’s all just a marketing gimmick: the beer isn’t being sold anywhere but one shop in Copenhagen, so what it (and the many column inches it inspired) does best is promote a Danish agency called CP+B Copenhagen, as well as a brewery called Rocket Brewing, who they worked with to create it. Full marks to the agency – it’s the idea you’ll remember, not the beer, thus making CP+B look a pretty smart option if you’re looking to partner up with someone for a campaign in Denmark.

I wonder if they got the idea in a bar?

Along the same lines I love this blog entitled how to drink like your favourite writer with stories about Hemingway and his love of absinthe, Dylan Thomas and Whiskey amongst others and the work their drinking inspired.


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