Give Me A Whack Around The Head!

I’ve been raving about the ‘Creative Whack Pack’ by Roger van Oech for some time now. It’s an app (and also a physical pack) designed to help creativity and one that tackles most problems in a deceptively simple way. Apart from browsing the internet, technology seems to be absent from idea generation and this is an easy way to try something new.
The idea is simple: you’re presented with a ‘Creative Whack’ card with an image and a sound. You then click on the story, which introduces thought-provoking snippets of wisdom. It then challenges the user with open-ended questions, all of which are designed to encourage divergent thinking.
Some things I like about the app:

  • It’s playful.
  • It improves collaboration.
  • It helps involve the more introverted members in creative work.
  • It helps inspire a diverse array of ideas.Everyone thinks in a different way, so the questions and stimuli in this app always stimulate different responses. Having these ideas bounce off each other usually leads to a range of ideas.
  • Anyone can facilitate it.

The questions are designed to focus your thinking and to create an ‘issue’ or a problem. If an issue does not arise, you are presented with a list of problems to help move things along. The app is useful in both a group and individual setting.
An 8-person brainstorming session can cost an agency up to £2000 an hour and so it is important that ideas should be flowing quickly from the start. One of the things I like most about the Whack Pack is that it is structured and provides a clear process at the beginning of any brainstorming session.
An increasing body of research is pointing towards the fact that businesses require tools and methods to help facilitate creative processes. Using more tools like the Whack Pack can and will ultimately help a company’s innovation flow and this should be celebrated. Long may fun activities be welcomed into the meeting room.
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