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With the CEO of Youtube predicting that 90% of online traffic will be video within the next 3 years, whether it’s promoting your own businesses or developing client campaigns – then it can’t be ignored. We all know the power of great storytelling too and with attention spans shorter than ever film is a great way to engage with people. We recently met the creative team behind Be Inspired films on our 2 day open training and they made a brilliant short film for us. They can create powerful films and animations to bring great ideas to life and tell stories that matter. They cover planning, storyboarding, scripting, filming, editing and post-production. We’re thrilled with the results & think it captures what we do brilliantly. See our film and check out what they do here

Be Inspired also run filming and editing courses so you and your team can learn to create some of your own videos if you are on a budget. We’re looking forward to getting to grips with using our iphones to create content for ourselves. Watch this space!



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