Free creativity stimulus – using trends

Free creativity stimulus – using trends

“Only companies that prepare for a very different tomorrow will thrive. In short, get ready for the unfamiliar and the unknown.” Futurologist David A Smith

The best and most effective ideas are always rooted in something – whether it be consumer insights, observations, big or small data. But sometimes you don’t have access to Mintel, TGI, focus groups or detailed research. At Now Go Create we help brands and agencies generate ideas against all sorts of different briefs and sometimes with very little to build ideas out from in terms of concrete information. We often turn to macro or micro trends to help generate ideas in these circumstances.

There’s loads of stuff going on in that big wide world out there. If you can’t see the wood for the trees, feel too close to your subject matter or frankly are in a creative black hole then there are many excellent free sources of trends that you can use as stimulus for ideas and brainstorms. Some of our favourites: is great for more corporate and business-related issues and is a brilliant source of inspiration and reading matter for all things relating to innovation.

How to do it

Pick a trend that you think has creative juice – what about random acts of kindness (the trend that just keeps on giving ha), guilt free status, the internet of caring things – all free from Trendwatching. See if you can ideate against it or explore how it might affect ideas you already have.

Wherever you get your trend information from it can help to have a structured way to unpack it and has generously created a free tool to help you along the way. If looks at drivers for change, innovation potential and basic consumer needs.

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