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We’re often asked for our favourite creativity books here at Now Go Create, so here’s a list of our must-reads in you want to find out more on the subject:

1. Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques Michael Michalko An amazing handbook of creative techniques, covered in tea stains and very well thumbed, can’t recommend it enough.

2. Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite Paul Arden – a tiny book of wisdom from the ad agency guru

3. Sticky Wisdom: How to Start a Creative Revolution at Work Dave Allan, Matt Kingdon, Kris Murrin, Daz Rudkin – a great book to help you think about how to develop a creative culture

4. How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas: Shake Up Your Business, Shake Up Your Life Chris Barez-Brown – tools and techniques from the What If founders – a great foundation for your creativity books library

5. Six Thinking Hats Edward de Bono – a classic from one of the leaders of creative thinking

6. Do More Great Work Michael Bungay Stanier – a brilliant personal development book, not strictly about creativity but massively helpful for overcoming blocks

7. Creative Mischief, Dave Trott, a tiny, wit and insight filled book of loveliness from the ad guru. ‘Nuff said.

8. Creative Confidence, David & Tom Kelley – confidence lies at the heart of creativity, by the founders of IDEO. We run a course on this essential topic, find out more here.

9. A Technique for Producing Ideas, James Webb Young – one of the classic creative texts that has stood the test of time.

10. The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, Julia Cameron – written for artists but an amazing resource for anyone wanting to live a more creative life

We also have lots of suggestions for more academic creativity books. Contact us on with any questions you may have about our creativity training e-mail lucy