Feb 29th – National Creativity Day!

Feb 29th – National Creativity Day!

Everyone working in PR loves a National Day don’t we?! 

We’ve got one for chips, sausages, infertility and talking like a pirate so Now Go Create has designated this coming Monday 29th Feb National Creativity Day to take advantage of the whole extra 24 hours you’ll have to be creative. Lack of time is always cited as the enemy to creativity – what are you going to do with your extra hours?

As there are 366 days not 365 this year, every person who works for an annual salary in the UK is going to be essentially working for free on Monday so I challenge you to take at least your full lunch hour and any more time you can grab to do something creative! Ask your boss if you can spend a chunk of this free day fostering creativity for you and your team. If you’re the boss, give the team a break! Here’s a few suggestions:

Take a creative safari

The positive effect of walking on creativity is well-researched. Get away from your desk and get outside to use everything that you see, hear, taste, smell and encounter as creative stimulus. If you need to fill your mind with facts, figures and data then do that for half an hour before you head out. Turn your phone onto airline mode, grab a notepad and make like a sponge. See our blogs to find out about other people’s experiences doing this here.

Try reverse mentoring 

We can easily get stuck into habits and ways of thinking that make it harder to see different perspectives. There’s an old school view in business that the higher up you get, the more you know, the better it is. But what if that weren’t true? What if by not-knowing and not having loads of experience could help you in your current problem? That’s the idea behind reverse-mentoring which is the idea that you find someone younger, more inexperienced than you in your business (or outside) to help give you a fresh perspective on the world. So use your time on Monday to find someone who you think might give you that fresh pair of eyes.

Go somewhere new 

Change up your routine. If you always go to the same place for lunch, today DON’T’! Go in the opposite direction and find somewhere new. Choose a different salad or sandwich or whatever and notice how just this small change makes you feel. Ask the person who serves you one question about themselves and consider the answer. How do you think that person would deal with any challenges you are facing right now?

Take your duvet day

Lots of companies offer this a perk now – why not take it on Monday and take the whole day to do something just for you. Head to whatever place is going to float your creative boat.

Learn to code

I’m looking forward to my first ever lesson in coding with www.codeacademy.com – a free resource – I’ve signed up to learn how to animate my name.

What are you going to do with your National Creativity Day?

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