Now Go Create Events Calendar 2019

  • Open Ninjas

    Open Ninjas

    4th June & 1st October

    How To Become A Creative Ninja is our most popular course with over 15,000 people trained to date! The day will equip you with tools, techniques and confidence! With an emphasis on fast results, we enable people to consistently think more creatively, whether they have 10 minutes, an hour, a day or a week.

  • Open Advanced Brainstorm Facilitation

    Open Advanced Brainstorm Facilitation

    5th June / 2nd Oct

    Facilitation is a woefully under-invested in skill however it’s fundamental to encouraging creativity in others. This is a course for anyone who has to regularly run creativity sessions and brainstorms and get the most of out of their teams. Great facilitators can foster trust and openness, involve everyone, adapt to different styles and make it fun and OK to take risks. Pair this with Creative Ninjas for a brilliant grounding in devising and running effective brainstorms.

  • Storytelling Half Day

    Storytelling Half Day

    September 2019

    Come & join us for this action-packed workshop on the principles of storytelling to apply to your clients, pitches, content, marketing & more. Your coach will share storytelling hacks that you can use straight away, to tell brilliantly engaging anecdotes for selling, persuading and influencing. Contact to register interest for our next date.

  • Strategy Ninjas

    Strategy Ninjas

    September 2019

    The word strategy has the power to intimidate & confuse. This training covers how to devise a strategy following a clear process with tools to help at each stage, as well as case studies and practical help. Our next open workshop will be in September, just in time for your 2020 planning! Bring your live challenge with you.

  • Storytelling


    Half Day 7th May

    In a world where we are surrounded with noise, how can we use the tools of master storytellers to make our messages stand out? In this interactive and practical workshop, participants will learn how to tell stories for personal impact. They will learn the craft of storytelling in order to: influence more effectively at work, sell their ideas and understand the relevance of storytelling for brands.

  • Leadership Residential

    Leadership Residential

    13th-16th September London

    Creative leadership is the ability to bring together the individual talents and skills of your creative workforce and to ensure that the organization knows how to lead, manage and reward creative behavior and most importantly how to sustain it for the long-term. Contact to find out more about this new programme.

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