Eurobest 2018 creativity report – our best bits

Eurobest 2018 creativity report – our best bits

Last week discerning industry experts from all over the world came together to judge this year’s best creative work at Eurobest 2018.

The report is just out and is full of great insights. We’ve picked our favourite campaigns from this year with along with some of the comments from the Jury Presidents as to why the work won.

Overall the juries noted that the work that was awarded a coveted Grand Prix stood out ‘as hugely and unavoidably important’. Frequently, this was work that showed clear, inarguable evidence of its effectiveness – campaigns that proved creativity’s power to impact business results in a very real and tangible way.

“It’s content, PR and integrated work that uses the distribution channels available and harnesses user behaviours – these are the truly digital cases” Wesley ter Haar Founder / Chief Operating Officer, MediaMonks

The Grand Prix winner in digital was the painstakingly put together ‘JFK UNSILENCED’ for The Times by Rothco and Accenture Interactive, Dublin

Key takeout – make the execution exceptional

“In the end this comes back to a key question: Could it have been done better? Not the idea, not the concept, but the execution. Is it a bar for others to jump, or was there a better version of this possible?”

Glass – the award for change – #Blood Normal for Libresse

“This was advertising a mainstream product in a way that it had never been done before. This was a no brainer for the jury.  The work that we see awarded in Glass comes from a campaigning mentality, but really these are not campaigns.” Kate Stanners, Chairwoman and Global Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi

It seems remarkable that in 2018 we are acknowledging women’s periods for what they are, and that includes using red blood rather than the blue substitute that had become the acceptable norm for the industry, but we are. And this ad, and the campaign is prepared to get a bloody nose in the process. We love it.

Key takeout – tackle a ‘norm’ or sterotype

Ditch the cliches. Another campaign we love is the for the razor brand Billie, that uses women with (sharp intake of breath) REAL HAIRY BITS shaving them off. The Guardian wrote about it here.

The Grand Prix for Healthcare – ‘BLACK SUPERMARKET for CARREFOUR by MARCEL, Paris

“What’s great about these types of ideas, is that they don’t have to follow the normal route to market, be traditional or even be a campaign.” Tom Richards, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Lynx Europe

‘Black Supermarket’ for Carrefour was a brilliant law breaking campaign for social responsibility by the French supermarket. The jurors said that “this campaign is a perfect example of a huge company using its weight and stature for change. The main barrier to food quality was not the competitors or consumers’ behaviour, it was the law. And Carrefour broke the law to change it, risking massive fines and negative publicity. As a result, they shifted perception of the brand.”

Key takeout – solve a real problem

This is a trend that is not going to go away and rightly so – brands doing good in the world to make a difference in a real way as well as making profit. The advice from the jury is to “zone in on a specific issue and find the best way to solve it. The end result should change perceptions, behaviours and even laws.”

Solving a real problem has led to some of our favourite campaigns from previous years – Meet Graham and The Saltwater Brewery Edible Beer Rings being two notable examples. What real problem can you solve with your brand’s resources?

The Trash Isles cleaned up in PR and design, and we love the LadBible campaign. We wrote about it back in June when we saw the work at Cannes. This is what the head of the PR Jury had to say about it:

“Brands are making sure that the audience feel something for them and this is now a business imperative.” Mattias Ronge, Creative Strategist, Edelman Deportivo London

Key jury takeout – make it culturally relevant

“This year’s winners showed that when an idea has an earned core, it can take the brand anywhere, using any channels to get there. Looking at the awarded work, I would say that an earned, culturally relevant approach is taking the lead.”

There are no great surprises in the winners really, and the key takeaways are things that are being repeated across awards shows and over several years now, but it’s always great to get an insight into the Jury room and the thinking behind ‘why we like it’ and ‘why it works’ and ‘why the hell anyone should care’. We’ve edited the highlights from the report here  European_Creativity_Report_2018.

More to follow on the key trends in the next blog.



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