Creativity in PR study 2015 – tell us what you think!

We’ve launched our 2015 Global Creativity in PR study today, the 4th edition co-authored by Now Go Create with the Holmes Report. The report aims to uncover the state of the creative nation and to see what’s shifted in the 4 years since we launched the study. We’ll explore questions including:

  • What’s going on in your business in relation to creativity?
  • Have you noticed any changes since 2012 in terms of what you or your clients expect from creative work?
  • If you are a client how does the quality of ideas from your agencies compare?
  • Is it better or worse than 4 years ago?
  • Are clients more or less likely to go to their PR agency as the creative lead?
  • Do you think the PR industry model is fit for purpose in relation to creativity for the next 5 years?

Please let us know, take the 10 minute survey and have your say! You can take the study here. The survey will close at the end of August and the results will be published in the Autumn.

We’ll be looking for participants to give us examples and quotes so if you’re interested in commenting please let me know

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