Creativity in PR – The Agency View – Angie Moxham, Chief Monkey

“Creative ideas have to be rooted in insight-based, brand-centric strategic thinking.  If your ideas don’t support the business and brand’s objectives, what’s the point?  Jazz hands are fun to watch, but become quickly irritating if all they’re doing is wafting thin air rather than creating a perfect storm to drive a measurable outcome.  Having a process around how you arrive at the right strategy and then build out to your creative platform and tactics is essential.
The PR industry is often criticized for not being creative.  I take issue with that. Creative story-telling through earned media requires an art and science that many of our marketing and advertising peers still underestimate and, sometimes, value.
The truth is you’re only as good as your client and your interagency model.  By which I mean, you need a client/agency structure and spirit that is open and willing to allow PR ideas to really fly.  Enlightened clients get this.  The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator – a campaign 3 Monkeys conceived for Microsoft, and then executed as part of an integrated team – showcases this in action.  Microsoft regularly asks all its agencies – advertising, PR, experiential etc. – to pitch against one another.  It’s a fantastic model and means that from time to time PR leads all other disciplines. 

Until more clients experiment with the way they are working their interagency model and break down the siloed thinking, PR teams run the risk of still being the poor cousin.  But it’s our job to drive this.  We need to show how, when unleashed, PR can be the most powerful tool in a new age marketer’s communications kit.”

Angie Moxham, Chief Monkey, 3 Monkeys

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